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Day Out with The Girlfriends // Teo Heng & Nine Thirty

This post was supposed to up wayy earlier, but I was really too busy/lazy to complete writing it! But I’m glad to say that I finally found the time to write about my day out with my wonderful girlfriends Crystal, Gillian and Sarah from Secondary School.

We started off the day at TeoHengwhich is like our absolute favorite karaoke spot (and the cheapest!). It was really difficult to book a room for long as it was a Vesak Day and we only managed to book a medium room for 3 hours. Huge bummer for that and the worst thing is this we didn’t make any fixed plans after that XD

The only photos taken during that period of time?



Well, after that we were walking around Katong area for a decent cafe to have lunch at. And here’s some snapshots of some of the cafes we passed by along the way.

Outside Rabbit Carrot Gun

Batter Fluffy Flaps – I want to try this in the future!

Zaffron Kitchen

Thinking of bringing my mom there to dine at Peranakan Inn one day!

Crystal said that she used to visit the Mei Yuen Restaurant often when she was younger.

Our final destination was supposedly Penny University but there was a full house! Sadly, we went back to walking around aimlessly and finally decided on Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate, just next to Awfully Chocolate.

Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate (East Coast Road)
131 East Coast Road
Tel: 63452190 | Fax: 63459106

When we went in, we were greeted with these appetizing displays of droolicious food!

Meanwhile, it’s really a nice and homely place with comfy seats to relax and unwind with friends and I’m glad we chose it! And yes, it’s my first time there(:

Here’s a couple of snapshots of the menu if you’re interested:

Here’s a couple of photos of us while we were waiting for our food to be served(:

My lovely Crystal and Sarah

Gillian and I – Lol, and we look like we’re wearing the same dress!

Oo and here I am wearing my new watch – S$11.50 kindly sponsored by 24×25(:

Our first order to share arrived first – truffle fries (S$8.90) which arrived pretty quickly. At first it didn’t look like much, but it was pretty decent, not fantastic though! 

Crystal’s latte arrived nextdon’t recall the price though.

And finally, our food arrived! Crystal ordered Eggs Benedict – S$16.00 from the All Day Breakfast menu. We all tried a bite and it was really good, though argh..$16 for this dish is a little too steep in my opinion!

Sarah had the Miso Aglio Olio – S$16.00 which was an interesting choice. I tried it and didn’t really like it because I felt that it tasted rather bland but on the other hand, Sarah thought it was fine.

Gillian had the Pink Salmon – S$18.00 which I thought tasted pretty decent, and she liked it too!(:

For myself, I had the Three Mushroom Penne – S$16.00 (like duh!). I thought it’s the best pasta out of all our selections ;p Sorry girls! But it had the best flavour and taste! Would highly recommend that you order this. It’s worth it(:

After a satisfying meal, we moved on to dessert! And here’s the dessert menu (or part of it) for your reference!

Crystal and Sarah shared a Cold Poached Chocolate (S$5.61). And I smudged it accidentally while taking a photo >_<

Gillian had the White Chocolate Creme Brulee – S$5.61.

I’m not really a fan of most desserts (other than ice cream), so naturally my choice was their signature Awfully Chocolate Hei Ice Cream (single scoop) – S$4.85. As always, it’s decadent(: Highly recommended for all chocolate lovers!

Mm then we spent the rest of the evening just chit-chatting away till almost 7pm. Really enjoyed myself with my girlfriends – we should totally  meet up again soon!

Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate (East Coast Road)
131 East Coast Road
Tel: 63452190 | Fax: 63459106


Meanwhile, just some random mentions about my sponsors:

*Temporary Tattoos sponsored from Gumtoo Tattoos

*Watch sponsored by 24×25

Tote Bags sponsored by 24×25


The last stop we made was at 112 Katong where Crystal and Sarah were helping me show off the two sponsored tote bags that I received from 24×25!

Oh and myself too. Hehe, yes I look plump hereCOS I AM!

Ended the day off with a H2H talk with my babe, Gillian at Toast Box as the other left earlier for dinner/other appointments. Had fun gossiping and just chatting about hehe girl topics.

And well, that was how the day went for me. Meet up soon again girlfriends!(: shopping?
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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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