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Confession: I got this guy to do all my work for me in university // Walao?!

Usually I don’t really post the confessions that I’ve spotted on STOMP, but I just spotted this one while browsing and you can see my reactions in meme forms:

Confession: I got this guy to do all my work for me in university — now he’s my husband

Confession pages on facebook are now the rage. Here’s STOMP’s choice of the confession of the day. Today’s confession features an SMU student who married a guy that did all her school work for her. Here is the confession in full: “To people who say that girls who friendzone guys still make use of them for their work… Guess what, there was this guy I really didn’t like (he is quite good looking and popular among the girls). Adding to that, we came from different family backgrounds. I didn’t think it was possible between us.

Long story short, he actually did another degree, just that the cert is in my name.


The whole thing started when he did an argumentative essay for meI scored really well. At that time, I wasn’t aware that he was in the elite in his university, but I kept asking him to vet my assignments and give me pointers, n eventually he ended up doing ALL my assignments, tutorials, projects because he gave up teaching and explaining it to me on how I should go about giving what the markers want. He knew I was using him. I did the subtle, the around the bush method. It was quite obvious that we were not going to be together, but he was still there.

Talk about karma, this man has been my husband for close to a year because I ended up really falling in love with him. So sometimes, girls don’t push guys into the friendzone after we get our work done. This takes 2 hands to clap.

To all guys, if you really think that girl is for you, just go all out, be really thick skin n persevere.

To all girls, make sure when you ask someone to do the homework for you, don’t lead them on. But if the guy insist on doing it (like my husband), just pass to him and make sure you understand your work and that he understands that its purely work. 

To the rest, if you are still in school just go find someone. Its so tough to find one outside once you are working.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

My God, if this is really a true incident and not a made up confession, then:

  • The girl’s degree from SMU is TOTALLY invalid because that constitutes as cheating right?!
  • She also ugh..just using him!
  • This guy is such an  And does he know when his actions are in the right or wrong?

Too bad there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Just like in the case where a student confessed this:  I hid fact that dad is millionaire — and got over $10k in bursaries.

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