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Jess x Ivan’s Wedding ‘I Do’ The Wedding Premiere // Sentosa Golf Club

As always, the weekend passed by in a blink of eye and it’s already a Monday. Didn’t really do anything major this weekend except that I attended my colleague’s wedding on Saturday!

So here’s presenting Jess x Ivan’s Wedding ‘I Do’ The Wedding Premiere at the Sentosa Golf Club!

But before that, let’s start off with the preparation first!

1. Wedding Invitation (Free Sentosa Pass) – CHECK ✓

2. Red packet – CHECK ✓

And just for your information, here’s the latest Ang Pow calculation table for weddings below:

3. Do necessary makeup – CHECK ✓

Makeup completed – 30 minutes (20 minutes due to the stupid falsies)

4. Dress, shawl and wedges ready? CHECK ✓

Kerry Dress in Mint from – S$30.00

And I’m ready to go..except that I have to wait for the bf to pick me up first though -_- So..what to do when you’re all dressed up with nothing to do?

Yepp, selca time! XD
Bwahahaha, one of the few times in the year where I actually look pretty decent!

So we finally reached Sentosa Golf Club at about 6.45pm and registered ourselves at the registration area. Everything was set up with care and creativity and I was pretty impressed!

Each guest was given a heart pin which was handmade by Jess(:

And instead of a conventional guestbook where guests are to sign, there was a guestbook photobooth instead complete with props!

And now the waiting begins for the doors to the Grand Salon to be opened, so the bf and I wandered around the waiting area and took a few selca photos along the way. Hehe!

First, looking at the couple’s photobook:

This is my absolute favourite shot taken the Singapore Art Museum! Can you recognize the gorgeous winding staircase?(:

Had a couple of drinks~

A photo with the bridegroom, Ivan and several of my colleagues all who looked very smart for the former, and gorgeous for the latter!(:

We even walked outside to take a look at their cute wedding car! Think loads of them bought 2360 for 4D on Sunday – wonder if it drawed?

And then of course, selca shots with the bf!

And finally, we could enter the Grand Salon! But first, to take a look at our seating area – Table 3!

And here’s a couple of snapshots I took:

The table setting:

Wedding Favour: Love Ring Ice Tray

Here’s the menu, mm, looks really yummy!

And here’s a group shot of all my colleagues in the department:

And another selca shot of the bf and I XD

The wedding started off a short movie of the story of Jess and Ivan – how they met as well as the proposal. Afterwhich, the bride and groom entered the Grand Salon for the solemnization ceremony in front of all the guests where they exchanged the vows and then, finally ending off with a sweet kiss(:

And the first course started after that with the Double Happiness Combination! I liked the entire platter actually – there’s egg, bak kwa, jellyfish, spring roll and scallop if I’m not wrong.

The next course was the Braised Shark’s Fin in Superior Broth with Crabmeat and Roe. Was yummy with generous bits of crabmeat and roe, but the broth was a little watery in my opinion!

Third course was the Steamed Live Garoupa in Bean Paste. It was nothing special, but I have to say that the meat was tender and the sauce was pretty flavorful.

Before the next course was served, there was a surprise flashmob by the bride and groom along with some of their relatives and friends.

Then there was the champagne pouring ceremony and Ivan performed the ukelele which he learnt just a couple of months before the wedding. If I remember right he sang I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and It’s all about you by Mcfly.

Dinner resumed after that with the next course – Roasted Sliced Duck Topped with Chef’s Sauce and Sesame. I thought it was rather well done and the meat was tender. Yum!

 After that is the Queen Scallop in Black Bean Sauce with Seasonal Vegetables. I thought the broccoli was prepared really well and the scallops were really big and delicious!

And if you were wondering..yes, there’s still more! Next is the Crystal Prawns in Sichuan Style. The dish was wayy too spicy for my liking, but I liked the fact that the prawns were already deshelled!

After that, we were served a bowl of Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Crabmeat & Chives. As you can tell, there were loads of crabmeat in the noodles and Ee-Fu noodles are one of my favourite dishes – so mm ^^

At that point of time, Jess and Ivan came over for the customary phototaking with the guests at our table!

The lovely bridge and groom:

And again here’s a photo of my department colleagues along with Jess.

Another kopped from my colleague:

There was a long period of time before the final course so the bf and I made do with what entertainment we had on hands – our phones! This means selca time AGAIN! HAAHAHA!

And please, don’t ask me why in almost every photo I did the V V sign. LOL

And this epic photo which made me burst out laughing. LOL

Finally, dessert was served – Seasonable Fruits with Glutinuous Rice Balls! The fruits were really fresh and sweet and I loved the peanut glutinuous Rice Balls!

And I finally managed to get a shot with the lovely bride, Jess!
Sorry for the messy hair, but well, at least Jess looks good in this photo she’s the star of the night right?(:

Overall, it was a really beautiful wedding peppered with loads of creativity and it was really planned meticulously and I have to say – well thought-out! Plus the food was really good too. Hehe, mustn’t forget to mention that the bride looks gorgeous on her wedding dayblooming with happiness and joy of officially joining in matrimony with her husband, Ivan.

To end off the blog post, the bf and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations once again to Jess and Ivan!
May you two have a long lasting, blissful and bountiful marriage together!

With Love, Daphy & Wx

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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