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Video: Boy brightens up construction workers’ day by offering them sweets // Awww!

Spotted on STOMP and Desmond Lian’s Facebook:

Boy brightens up construction workers’ day by offering them sweets

Original Video: Desmond Lian

A video currently making its rounds on facebook shows this toddler giving candy and chocolates to construction workerssomething he does every morning.

Uploaded on May 30 by Desmond Lian, it was accompanied with a caption that read: “En En offers chocolates and sweets to his friends every morning before going to school.

Credits: STOMP Singapore and Desmond Lian

Yepp, the story even made it to Saturday’s Straits Times as seen from this picture taken from Through The Lens Facebook:

Two-year-old Lian Tian En (centre) plays with his toy helmet during a photo shoot with construction workers Rajeev (left), 26, and Kesavan Prabakaran (right), 25. The boy started giving sweets to the construction workers outside his home a month ago and on Thursday, his father took a video of the daily routine, and it has since gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of people giving the act a thumbs up. (Photo: Mugilan Rajasegeran/ The Straits Times)

It’s so heartwarming to just watch the cute video!

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