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Third lift mishap in China: Waiter’s head crushed by service lift

Hot on the heels of the number of lift mishaps in China including the decapitation of a nurse at a hospital and another case, came this one as spotted on Asiaone news:

Yes, it’s YET another lift mishap.

I know, I was like..


Third lift mishap in China: Waiter’s head crushed by service lift

A waiter was crushed to death in a Suzhou restaurant’s food service lift after he poked his head into the shaft for a check. This is the third mishap involving an elevator to be reported in China recently.

The food elevator smashed his head as he poked his head into the shaft to check. He was jammed in the gap and people around him called the police immediately. The waiter was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

A broken cable was the cause. If you think this restaurant was one to have a maintenance company to do periodic quality checks, you’d be wrong.

Xing Dongsheng, an official with the Suzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, said the food elevator was installed by the restaurant owner and had never been examined or serviced.

Zhang had been working in the restaurant for only four to five days, and colleagues remember him as a frugal young man who was saving money to build a home for his parents back home. In a news interview, his sister said that Zhang had been an obedient kid since young and always listened to their parents.

The first lift mishap involved a 24-year-old nurse in Shenzhen, whose body was decapitated after the lift she was in malfunctioned on May 15. Preoccupied with her phone, the intern nurse Wang Fang had stepped through the doors of a malfunctioning lift and was decapitated against the ceiling, spraying blood onto the rest of the passengers in the lift.

A second case of lift malfunction involved a woman pushing a pram cut in nearly the same fashion.

Credits:STOMP Singapore and Beijing Cream

Reading about all these horrifying news of life mishaps makes me think that the quality standards over in China (pertaining to lifts) is really horrible! It’s like..they already have a bad reputation due to so many cases such as the recent case of bad behavior overseas – ie vandalizing the 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple  amongst other things such as the baby milk scandal where melamine was found in baby milk in 2008, fake food products, etcetera, I can’t even list them all!

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