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24×25: Handmade Tote Bags & More!

Advertorial & Review

It’s been awhile since I last did an advertorial & review for a blogshop, so today, I’m pleased to introduce to you a blogshop specializing in handmade fabric tote bags and accessories!

Have you heard of them?(:

Well, to start off, let’s look at a short history/background of 24×25:

It used to be called coffeeandcreme and they have been around for almost three years till they rebranded themselves as 24×24 that we know now(: Basically as mentioned, 24×25 specializes in handmade fabric totes made with love and other handpicked accessories and items which you’ll see shortly!

Moving on, one of the lovely owners, X kindly sponsored me several items namely, two of their handmade tote bags and one of their candy watches. So let’s take a look at what I received!

*Quote:mitsuekito get S$2 OFF your purchase at 24×25!*

First of all, ordering was a breeze at 24×25 and X even kindly sent them to me via A.M Mail which I received promptly the next day when I got home from work! Thank you!(:

And here are the three lovely items I received from 24×25:


1. FT04 Polka Tote (Navy) – S$15.50 Mailed / Additional S$3 for Registered Mail

*Quote: ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 OFF your purchase at 24×25!*

First up, I had a choice of 3 colors to choose from their newly launched Polka Dot Totes in Red, Black and Navy! And I selected Navy because well..I just liked it better. Hehe. Have to say that the polka dot prints are so adorable!

So as you can tell, what I received is exactly what is depicted in the picture. (And yes, I know the color’s a little off because of the filter, but you get my drift!). And here’s how it looks hanged up:

It’s really well made, and I can’t believe that it’s handmade! Can you?(:

And to roughly let you gauge the size, here’s what I did, lol:

But the material is quite thin, so I wouldn’t recommend that you put too many items inside. It’s meant for lighter items where you can tote around like maybe 2 books, your wallet and other necessities like what I did below:

Did I mention it’s really cute too?(:

For a lovely handmade tote like this, S$15.50 is a steal! You can get it at 24×25 here!


2. FT02 Mighty Tote in White – S$16.90 Mailed / Additional S$3 for Registered Mail

*Quote: ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 OFF your purchase at 24×25!*

So this is the second tote bag that I selected and I chose WHITE! It’s available in BLACK too!

Despite it being really simple and plain, I prefer this bag over the polka dot tote for only one main reason – the fact that it’s made from 100% cotton canvas and again, it’s handmade with love! This means that it’s able to carry heavier weights compared to the Polka Dot Tote Bag! That’s great because of this:

Gahahaha! The material used in this tote is so strong that I have full confidence that it won’t break when I carry all the above items inside the bag. No kidding – because that’s what I did on Sunday~

And here’s how it looks when carried with all the books inside. Strong – me gusta!

And I know it looks rather plain, but that’s when you can get creative with it by accessorizing it with loads of stuff like badges!

Would definitely recommend you to get the Mighty Totewhich comes in a choice of black or white from 24×25 at S$16.90 mailed! Worth it!


3. AW02 Candy Watch V2 – S$11.50 Mailed / Top up S$3 for Registered Mail

*Quote: ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 OFF your purchase at 24×25!*

For the last item, I chose the watch because well, I needed one to keep track of time. Hehe, cos I’m always late! Chose the watch in duo-tone colour of yellow-green because it’s the bf’s favourite color(: It came nicely packaged and bubble wrapped as you can see:

It has a Casio inspired design and features numerous functions such as LED backlight, stopwatch, date display & alarm.

Not bad for the price of S$11.50 huh?(: Get it from 24×25 HERE!


Other than the totes I mentioned above, 24×25 also has a variety of other items such as accessories as seen below:

And my personal favourite – their series of handpicked carry goods imported from the label ‘YiZi’!

YZ01 Laptop Sleeve (4 Designs) – S$36 mailed

I also adore 24×25‘s envelope clutches at S$20.90 mailed!

I love these because they are so handy!


Meanwhile, there are still a number of items that I haven’t featured on my blog, so if you would to view more of 24×25, then visit their website!

I hope that you’ll find something that you would like there(:
OH again as mentioned numerous times:

*Quote: ‘mitsueki‘ to get S$2 OFF your purchase at 24×25!*

SHOP: http://www.24×

Happy Shopping! ♥
Till later,
♥ mitsueki
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