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The Bf’s 25th Birthday – Part 2 // Marche @ 313 Somerset

So if you had read Part 1 of the bf’s 25th birthday celebration as seen HERE, you would have kinda known the general plan of the day!

>> Click HERE to read Part 1 of the Bf’s 25th Birthday <<
>> Click HERE to read Part 1 of the Bf’s 25th Birthday <<

And yeah, basically here’s the rundown of what happened last Saturday:

  1. I treated him to Marche at 313 Somerset
  2. Went home and opened his presents
  3.  Had cake!

It’s a really simple celebration with just him and myself (except for the cake part) but it was a day well spent together 🙂

Here we are, the 2 happy kids heading to Marche at 313 Somerset for a late lunch together!

Marché 313 @ 313 Somerset
Level 1, Discovery Walk, 313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Phone: +65 6834 4041
Fax: +65 6509 6104

And what we had at Marche @ 313 Somerset:

1. White Asparagus Soup – S$5.30 (Seasonal item)

I’ve always wanted to try White Asparagus in ANY form ever since I watched Top Chef Season 5 where ALOT of the chefs enjoyed using White Asparagus. Well, I finally had the opportunity to try it at Marche! Note that this is not what they usually have – I always take Wild Mushroom Soup, but I opted for this instead!

Regretted my choice a little. Even though the soup was creamy and filled with generous slices of white asparagus but the taste was mm..not that fantastic I would say. Worth a try though! Will definitely opt for my usual Wild Mushroom Soup in the future!

2. Caesar Salad – S$9.90

If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of Caesar Salad. And Marche has one of the tastiest Caesar Salad below Saladstop (because of the dressing)! Generous crisp, crunchy and fresh Romanian lettuce liberally peppered with parmesan cheese and all the yummy bacon bits.

3. Foccacia Bread – S$1.60

Just randomly bought this on a whim. Not a good choice because ehhh, I wouldn’t recommend it!

4. Blackforest Ham Crepe – S$13.20

One of the MUST orders at Marche will be the crepes! They have loads of different options like chicken, ham, etcetc. For us, we selected the blackforest ham crepe! Comes with this mushroom like sauce and a small side salad. Super worth it and it’s really filling! Recommend!(:

5. Plain Rosti – S$6.20 

The bf’s ABSOLUTE favourite! I mean..where else can you get good rosti in Singapore? I know Ambush has it on their menu, we ordered it, but it wasn’t that fantastic. Bf loves the plain rosti best because well..he just loves the potatoes! And he ordered TWO sets for himself(: I just ate the crispy bits hehe~

6. Ice Chocolate – S$5.60

The bf’s favourite drink is ice chcolate, so obviously I ordered this for him(: Rich, thick and chocolatey. It’s good! And not poured out of a bottle or anything! It’s made on the spot!

7. Marche Sweet Crepe with Side of Bananas – S$8.20

Went crazy with dessert and ordered a sweet crepe with chocolate filling. Also asked them to add a side of bananas for the bf. Reallllyyyy goood! YUM!

8. Plain Waffles – S$7.90

By the time we reached the waffles, we were SO stuffed that we just couldn’t finish it. What a waste. But it was okay I guess. Really crispy and drizzled with maple syrup. Prefer the crepe though(:

In total, I paid about S$64.10 for the meal. Pretty worth it I guess considering the amount of food we ate(:

Marché 313 @ somerset
Level 1, Discovery Walk, 313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Phone: +65 6834 4041
Fax: +65 6509 6104

After that crazy heavy meal, we headed home and proceeded to open the presents! Nothing fantastic as usual, I just bought stuff which I knew he needed XD

The bf and all his presents displayed!

Let’s open them 😀

1. It’s a 4 port USB hub!

2. Keyboard (His laptop keyboard is spoilt)

3. USB Fan (LOL) – Cos he always complains that it’s HOT

4. Moisturizing Cream for his eczema – he thought it was a speaker or mike initially!

*Would recommend this brand and Rosken. Don’t use steroids for your eczema. EVER!

Lastly, we ended off the celebration with cake that his sister bought from Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaud (Tampines 1).

Some shots with the family! His bro and cousin

Myself and him(:

Happy 25th Birthday Wx!(:

Let’s all eat CAKE!

The cake was really generous with the fruits especially the strawberries. Also with the cream too! Like the sponge though(:

All in all, I hope that he had a great 25th birthday celebration this year and he enjoyed everything~
♥ Happy 25th Birthday! ♥


>> Click HERE to read Part 1 of the Bf’s 25th Birthday <<
>> Click HERE to read Part 1 of the Bf’s 25th Birthday <<

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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3 Comments on “The Bf’s 25th Birthday – Part 2 // Marche @ 313 Somerset

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    1. Hi Sophie! Thanks for recommending Dermaveen! I’ve seen it at Guardian and Watsons alot, but I didn’t know how effective it was – so I’ll give a go as well as I too suffer from eczema alongside with the bf. It’s such a horrible skin condition and it takes so much self control to try not to scratch the affected areas because it’s so darn itchy – but yes, we do scratch and the area after that is just in such a bad condition especially because it’s like an obvious part of the body. For myself, it’s the back of 1 leg and an arm while the bf’s eczema is at the elbow area. Will try it and hopefully it’ll improve!

      Once again thanks!(:

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