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Edmund Chen Robbed in London?

Nay, he wasn’t.

In fact, it was a hacker impersonating him as seen in the article below:

Local actor Edmund Chen robbed in London? Family and friends all worried

Friends and relatives of local actor Edmund Chen received a distress email, signed off by him, saying that he had been robbed in London and needed money.

The email also detailed that his belongings including his cash, credit card and mobile phone were also stolen, reported evening daily Lianhe Wanbao. It went on to say that the actor was at the embassy there so he could fly home, and that he needed some ‘funds’ so he could settle some bills.

However, it turned out to be a false alarm, as Chen’s email had been hacked to send out the scam email.

In actual fact, Chen was in Singapore and he suddenly received many phone calls around 5pm last evening.It was then that he realised his email had been hacked and he was impersonated.He then immediately told all of his friends and family he was safe, and told them not to fall for the scam.

Chen said it was through this incident that he realised so many people were concerned about him.

Credits:Lollipop Singapore

Lol, I hope no one actually fell for it.

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