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Cyclists corner hit-and-run driver who knocked down motorbike

Spotted on STOMP Singapore:

Cyclists corner hit-and-run driver who knocked down motorbike

STOMPer Lucas lauded a group of cyclists after they chased down a driver who allegedly hit a motorcycle carrying two people on it and fled the scene in the Loyang area on Tuesday night (May 28). The STOMPer also reported that some members from the same cycling group stayed behind at the scene to render assistance to the cyclists and help to divert traffic flow there.

In his report, Lucas wrote:

“I was jogging along Loyang Road between 10.30pm and 11pm last night (May 28) when I came upon an accident that occurred right outside the entrance of Changi Air Base (West). The rider and pillion of a motorbike were laying on the grass patch along the road, injured. There was a lot of debris on the road. There, a group of cyclists from the PGSK (Punggol Sengkang?) cycling group who were giving first aid to the injured duo and helping to manage the flow of traffic.

Apparently, I heard that the motorbike was dragged about 500m away by a driver, who then left it at a bus stop and drove offSome cyclists from the same group managed to chase the driver down after he was forced to stop by a red light at a traffic junction of Loyang Industrial Estate. His car was badly smashed.

I also heard that other motorists also helped out after they saw what happened.Good to know that these brave and helpful people stepped up to provide aid in this situation and chase down the driver in question!”

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Aiyo..shame on the hit and run driver!

Glad that the cyclists and other motorists stopped to help out!

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