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Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection



Mcdonalds Singapore Minions Fever Madness | Despicable Me 2


Media Event Invite 

Guess whose coming back to town?

You got that right! Hello Kitty is coming back to Mcdonalds Singapore!(:

The Wizard of Oz (Available 30 May – 5 June 2013)
Red Riding Hood – (Available 6 June – 12 June 2013)
The Frog Prince – (Available 13 June – 19 June 2013)
The Ugly Duckling – (Available 20 June – 26 June 2013)
The Singing Bone – (Available 27 June – 3 July 2013)
Special Mcdelivery Hello Kiity – (Available 30 May onwards (Mcdelivery ONLY))

Read on to see more of the 6 designs available!(:

Updated: 27 June 13

Psst...Can’t get enough of the Hello Kitty craze in Singapore?


Updated 26 Jun 13

Fight at Mcd over Hello Kitty?
The Singing Bone Sold Out at 24hr Mcd!
McDonalds issue queue coupons?!
The insane queues for the Singing Bone

Updated: 22 Jun 13

So cute lol! Taken from Jackson Lim’s Facebook:

Updated: 20 June 2013

Yay! I got my Ugly Duckie plush! ^^

Updated: 15 June 13

I may have a spare Frog Prince Hello Kitty up for sale. Status: SOLD

Updated: 13 June 13

Teehee ^^

My colleague brought these to work one day. These were launched in Singapore last year, but they just recently launched them in Malaysia at around May this year?(:

And she gave me the Ronald Mcdonalds one ^^ thank you~

But miao…why no wisdom owl hello kitty? >_<

Psst..hope you managed to get a froggie hello kitty launched today!(: Heard it’s sold out at alot of places! ^^

Updated: 2 June 13

My latest collection of Hello Kitty! 😀

Updated: 21 May 13

Just spotted on The Pink Room International Nail Academy (PRINA)’s Facebook done by Rachel Tang, Principal of PRINA:

The Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty inspired Nail Art done by Rachel tang of PRINA:

Amazing! I LOVE IT!

Updated: 20 May 13

So The Wiz of Oz was launched today(:


My colleagues and I went to get it~



Original Post:

I was really lucky to be invited by and Mcdonalds to the sneak preview of Mcdonald’s Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection that will be launching on 30 May 2013(:

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the Hello Kitty Fairytale Party held at Mcdonalds Ang Mo Kio were these:

So basically each blogger was given a Hello Kitty plush from the latest collection each as well as Hello Kitty geek spectacles! Pictured above are 3 of the 6 designs available(:

And unpackaging it..

It’s Hello Kitty Little Red Riding Hood available from 6 June – 12 June 2013!

You can remove her hood too btw!(:

How adorably cute right?! And yes, they are wayyy bigger than the previous Hello Kitty collectionhence the price difference!

At that point, there were only 3 designs that were revealed to us initially. And here they are in their glory. Pictured below from left to right:

1. Hello Kitty x The Wizard of Oz (Available 30 May – 5 June 2013)
2. Hello Kitty x The Frog Prince (Available 13 June – 19 June 2013)
3. Hello Kitty x Little Red Riding Hood (Available 6 June – 12 June 2013)

However, it was later revealed that there are in total of SIX (6) Hello Kitty designs available in the Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection as mentioned earlier.

1. Hello Kitty x The Wizard of Oz (Available 30 May – 5 June 2013)
2. Hello Kitty x Red Riding Hood – (Available 6 June – 12 June 2013)
3. Hello Kitty x The Frog Prince – (Available 13 June – 19 June 2013)
4. Hello Kitty x The Ugly Duckling – (Available 20 June – 26 June 2013)
5. Hello Kitty x The Singing Bone – (Available 27 June – 3 July 2013)
6. Hello Kitty x McDelivery Special Edition – (Available 30 May onwards (Mcdelivery ONLY))

Priced at S$4.60 each with every Extra Value Meal ordered at all Mcdonalds outlet EXCEPT the Hello Kitty x McDelivery Special Edition – only obtainable through McDelivery

Oh and I think that Hello Kitty x The Frog Prince is SUPER cute!

That’s the Hello Kitty x The Singing Bone

And another one of my favourites: Hello Kitty – The Ugly Duckling

And last but not least..the special edition, McDelivery Hello Kitty!(:

And again, here’s a picture of some of the other Hello Kitty plushies! Pictured below from left to right.

1. Hello Kitty x The Frog Prince
2. Hello Kitty x The Ugly Duckling
3. Hello Kitty x The Singing Bone
4. Hello Kitty x Little Red Riding Hood

Again, as mentioned:

Each Hello Kitty plush costs S$4.60 per plush with every Extra Value Meal ordered EXCEPT the special edition, McDelivery Hello Kitty which can only be obtained by ordering through McDelivery.

McDelivery Hello Kitty is the last one on the right >>


Oh ho, and during the event, we were also given an additional Hello Kitty plush on a random basis and I managed to snag this baby!

Hello Kitty – The Singing Bone (Limited Edition)

At the same time, I also managed to snag this Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection badge! ^^

So other than letting us have the first hand sneak peeks into the Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection, we were also treated to a number of unlaunched Mcdonalds items on the menu (coming soon!)

1. Strawberry McFizz

Mmm yummy and super refreshing!

2. Curry Shaker Fries

It’s good! I prefer this shaker fries over the others!

3. New Wasabi and Honey Mustard Dips (Launching 13 June 13)

Would recommend the honey mustard dip – it’s good! Some might prefer the wasabi flavoured one, but it’s not my favourite even though the wasabi taste is rather mild~


Even Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty couldn’t resist(:

Man, I’m so glad to have been invited to the sneak peek of the Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection! I was able to make new friends such as Stacy pictured below as well as the rest of the bloggers there!(:

Here’s a group shot of all the bloggers who attended!(:

Btw if you were wondering about the Go Play slogans all over – basically McDonalds is launching a Go Play campaign to celebrate the season of fun during the holidays! So expect exciting new menu tweaks coming to McDonalds such as the new range of breakfast platters and awesome discounts to help you SAVE MORE to PLAY MORE!(:

Lastly, just wanted to end off by giving thanks to and McDonalds for inviting me to the Hello Kitty Fairytale Party! I had a blast!(:

Oh and don’t forget to stay tuned to McDonalds Singapore Facebook to be updated on the unveiling of the first plush to be launched for sale to the public on 30 May 2013!(:

I’m SO looking forward to collecting the full set of Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection!

Are you?(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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65 Comments on “Mcdonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection

    1. Mm, I’m not too sure since I havent tried purchasing via that method, but I think it’s possible cos I just saw the option for the current wiz of oz hello kitty in the drop down menu at the mcdelivery site(:

    1. It’s all sold out everywhere in Singapore. You can buy it from resellers or people who have extras(: i might have an extra up for sale soon

  1. Hi mitsueki, do u still have Wizard of ox the first one for sale?and also owl hello kitty for sell also? ANDY here

  2. Call me if u have the wizard of Ox or Wisdom hello kitty for sell? Left MSG for me…hp:91807387

  3. Wow you got the Hello Kitty Singing Bone, So Lucky,Probably Next Week Singing Bone will sell out faster since it’s limited Edition only. I have Ugly Duckling (Have to queue up for a long time) and Witch, not aiming to collect all but can’t miss the Singing Bone 😀

    1. i got it at the blogger event that i attended ^^ heehee and yes, i suggest u queue at 12am to get the singing bone – cos the ugly duckling was sold out at many mcd by 730am this morning the singing bone shld be harder to get! hehe~

      best of luck 😀

  4. Hi Mitsueki,
    Saw your post and you’re trying to get HK hello kitty (owl) in to Singapore. Any news as I’m very interested in getting as I’m a huge fan of Kitty 🙂

  5. Dear Mitsueki, do you have any extra ugly duckie and wisdom owl for sell? Or do you where and who I can buy from? I am from singapore by the way.

  6. Hi there, do you have the black colour Hello Kitty design which is going to be launched tonight? I tried to Q up in Yishun area but all sold out. If u have, I’m willing to buy it from u for my 2 years old daughter. Name a price, I will consider it carefully. I have the rest except for this design. Disappointed but trying my best to get it just for my daughter. Hope u can help me. Many thanks.

  7. I have a boning dancing extra …
    Which is limited edition.
    Anyone interesting to exchange with special delivery kitty?
    Pls leave a msg or contact me ( HP: 8223 6718 )


  8. Hi, i have ugly ducking hello kitty to exchange any fairy tale hello kitty , please contact me my number : 97317085 to exchange hello kitty

  9. Hi Mitsueki!

    Do u know where I can get the “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Collection badge” as shown in your blog? Or do u intend to sell it at any price? 🙂

    1. hi sol!

      mm, i think the badge is only available to the Mcdonalds staff (not sure if they can keep it) and i won it as a random prize. i may look into selling it if the price is right but that depends really(: you can contact me at:

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