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Yishun family slept right beside 2 foot-wide beehive each night // Omg!

Spotted on STOMP:

Yishun family slept right beside 2 foot-wide beehive each night

STOMPer Esther says town council contractors took apart this two foot wide beehive that had been built between an aircon compressor and its wooden bracket, just outside a bedroom window.

An approximately two foot long bee hive was found inside the wooden panel behind the air con compressor of our twelfth storey flat in Yishun. Over the past few mornings, we were harrassed by bees while we were preparing to leave at 6.30am to school. A swamp of bees were always attracted to the light bulb in my toilet.

Though it didn’t really pose any danger to us, the buzzing noises sounded threatening. We suspected that there was a hive in our nearby vicinity for almost a month or so but we just couldn’t locate it. In the end, we thought it might be underneath the compressor but was surprised when Yishun Town Council arranged for their appointed pest controller to check and proved our suspicions.

To our horror, the huge active hive was right beside where we slept!

Credits:STOMP Singapore

That’s seriously quite scary to know!
Imagine sleeping next to that huge active bee hive! Thankfully none of them got stung by the bees at all ;/

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