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Driver billed $9,900 in damages after superficial scrape with cabby

Spotted on STOMP as well:

Driver billed $9,900 in damages after superficial scrape with cabby

*Pictured is the taxi’s damage (before going to the workshop)

STOMPer Sy is upset at being slapped with a $9,900 bill after what he calls a very minor accident resulting in superficial damage with a taxi. He feels that the damage assessment made by their workshop is seriously inflated.

The STOMPer writes:

“An SMRT taxi and my car were involved in a very minor accident which resulted in superficial damages to both cars. We both agreed to get our individual insurers to settle the issue. I contacted my insurance company and they informed me that SMRT’s in-house workshop had sent them an estimated bill of $9,900 for their damages.

Read the full story on STOMP

In my opinion, if that is the damage which the taxi received due to the accident..then the $9,900 bill is rather unreasonable! Even though it’s covered by insurance but still..I don’t think it should warrant such a large amount right? Shocking! ;/

Your thoughts?

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