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Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler spotted trying on shoes at Bugis Street!

Just saw this on STOMP just now:

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler spotted trying on shoes at Bugis Street!

While at Bugis Street yesterday evening (May 24), STOMPer Ashley spotted a celebrity shopper – none other than Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

The singer was in town for the Social Star Awards on Thursday night (May 23) which recognizes the most popular names on 11 of the world’s top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Sina and Weibo from China and VK from Russia. The guest list saw the likes of Aerosmith, Carly Rae Jepson, CeeLo Green, Psy and George Takei rub elbows with online personalities like Ryan Higa, Pewdiepie and even the original creators of the Harlem Shake.

Ashley wrote: “This evening at about 6pm, I saw Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler shopping around Bugis Street. He was wearing a long sleeved chiffon striped shirt, long pants, and cute tribal socks with sandals. He went to a shoe store on the second floor, and this salesgirl (pictured) served him patiently with a great smile as he wanted to try several pairs of shoes.”

Read the story: STOMP Singapore

Ps… if you don’t know who Steven Tyler is..then think – ex-American Idol judge.

Still don’t find him familiar? Well..he’s the gorgeous Liv Tyler’s father:

Then what about Aerosmith? You should have at least heard of the song – I don’t wanna miss a thing or heard of the Armageddon movie right?!

Aerosmith – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Hehe, and my girls and I just sang that yesterday during our K-session at Teo Heng! 😀

Btw, a number of my friends were at the Singapore Social Awards – did you get to watch it?(:

So in case you missed it, here’s the video:

Or if you prefer to read..refer to this link (contributed by David, thanks!):
Aerosmith rockers wrap up the Singapore Social concerts with fiery show

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3 Comments on “Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler spotted trying on shoes at Bugis Street!

  1. You point to a really poor article. First they mention that Aerosmith was to go on at 8. While 8 was the concert start time, concerts always start the opening act, not headliner at the start time. Then they bring in the two opening acts, but note that one of them started at 7, an hour before the start time. So how did that impact the headline of Aerosmith starting late, by their account. Then they totally miss out on talking about the Aerosmith show itself which was an amazing performance! They totally connected with the audience and delivered a performance which was full of energy for around an hour and a half. The show just kept going on and on and was amazing.

    If they really want to write an article noting something negative they might want to focus on the dearth of outlets selling water at this venue. In a climate like Singapore there should be many more water selling points throughout the venue. In this heat as humidity, when you don’t allow people to being in their own water, the venue should be obliged to providing many more outlets that sell water at an event.

    After the show I was sitting in Fuse at MBS. aerosmith’s drummer Joey Kramer and the keyboardist dropped in to wind down and relax. Now and then some kids would drop by and ask for a picture. He got up several times to take multiple pics with these kids rather than asking them to all get in a single pic and then share it amongst themselves. Sounds like a down to earth guy to me.

    1. hey david! thanks for dropping by my blog – and of course, sharing that article! i was quite surprised at first to read what ST times reported initially since many of my friends said that they had a blast during the concert. but anyway, ive replaced that picture with a youtube video of aerosmith’s performance at the concert instead!(:


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