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Abused intern gets 4 job offers, including one paying $3,000 // Happy Ending?

So the story seems to have a happy ending as seen on STOMP:

Abused intern gets 4 job offers, including one paying $3,000

Four companies have been competing to hire the undergrad who got hit, one of which wants to pay him a monthly salary of $3,000, five times his previous pay. Another company is an MNC dealing with packaging who contacted Wanbao to express their interest to hire the graduate.

The company is based in KL, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, and is located in Tuas. It wants to hire university graduates in networking services or web designers. The boss, Ms Xu, 44, said this morning that their monthly salary ranges from $2,000 to $3,000.

They invited him to send an email with his resume and visit the company to see their working conditions before deciding.

Taken from The Alternative View Singapore Facebook / Original Picture: Wan Bao

The 23-year-old intern, Yang Jiexiang, 23 who exposed the supervisor, who is also the boss of the company, has been hailed as the ‘handsome hero’.

Read the whole story:STOMP Singapore

And if you didn’t know..yes the supervisor who hit the employee is actually the boss himself!

Supervisor who assaulted intern is actually company’s boss

The supervisor who was filmed hitting the head of his 29-year-old intern and using vulgar language on him is actually the boss of the company, reports Lianhe Wanbao. The video was filmed by another intern at the company, a Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) student, who has since asked to terminate his internship.

According to an article in Lianhe Wanbao, Alan is the owner of Encore eServices, a firm registered under the name of Mr Lee Yew Nam. In the report, the firm was also described as a ‘$2 husband and wife company‘. The office space is reportedly only about the size of three parking lots.

In the wake of the incident, the family of the victim is demanding $100,000 in compensation for lost wages over the years. They had previously visited the office to confront the supervisor, but had refused to accept his apology to settle the matter.

Lianhe Wanbao also stated that the intern had joined Encore eServices’s Jurong East office three years ago as an undergraduateHis salary was just $500 a month despite putting in around 12 hours a day, and he was not given any benefits or leave days. He had believed that he was joining a large company, but after 3 years he had not seen other workers. All he ever saw on a daily basis was the supervisor and one to two fellow interns. When he had graduated from university, the victim continued to work for the company for the same pay, still without a contract or any benefits.

The Manpower Ministry (MOM) is investigating the company. An MOM spokesman said that its labour relations officers met the victim yesterday to “find out more about his employment terms as well as possible infringements of the Employment Act”. The Employment Act covers employees earning a basic monthly salary of no more than $2,000 and ensures that they are entitled to overtime pay if they work more than 44 hours a week. They should also be given annual and sick leave.

National Trades Union Congress deputy secretary-general Heng Chee How said in a Facebook post yesterday that physical abuse of employees should not be condoned. He said: ” I urge the police and the Ministry of Manpower to investigate the case thoroughly, help the victim seek recourse and press for deterrent action against the culprit.”

The mother of the graduate said her son lost 20kg. At the beginning of the year, he reportedly scratches and bruises on his face. This morning, the mother told Wanbao that her son used to be overweight at 90kg but since he started working three years ago, he lost a lot of weight, perhaps due to stress and exercise, and now weighs about 70kg. However when quizzed, the undergraduate said there wasn’t much difference between then and now.The mother also revealed that since the beginning of the year, bruises and scratches would appear on her son’s face. She initially thought it was scarring due to acne and when she had asked him out of concern, he said he was fine.

Thinking back, she suspected this was not the first time his boss attacked him.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

So far, what are your thoughts on this story? For me, I’m just glad that the abuse has come to light and the abused guy seems to have a happy ending as mentioned!(:

Unfortunately..like most people, I just can’t fathom why he stayed on for 3 years with that $500 pay all this while and suffered through the abuse…

Till later,
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