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Video: Singapore Hooligans: Men hit taxi bonnet and threaten to beat up cabby // Wa?

Spotted on STOMP today:

Men hit taxi bonnet and threaten to beat up cabby — and even aunties join in

STOMPer Sebastian sent in a video showing a group of people, including aunties, who turned aggressive after a cabby honked to signal that the taxi in front was blocking the road.

Wrote Sebastian in his email:

“This happened just outside Civil Service Club, at Tessensohn Road. Are these real Singaporeans? Look at the aggressive guy who hits the car bonnet and the skinny guy who comes round to pull the taxi driver out and then later runs over to the passenger side to challenge the passenger to a fight.”

Singapore Hooligans – Threatened To Beatup Taxi Driver & Passengers – Part 1

In the car camera video, the taxi is seen slowing as there is a yellow cab in front. Passengers seem to be alighting from the yellow cab. The taxi driver honks four times as the yellow cab is blocking the road. However, the group of people in front turn aggressive and confront the taxi driver and his passengers. Shouting ensues, and from the car camera video, there seems to be a scuffle. A call was also made, apparently to the police.

Singapore Hooligans – Threatened To Beatup Taxi Driver & Passengers – Part 2

The confrontation ends when they tell the group that they have recorded the incident on camera, and then they drive off.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore and Sebastian Fook (Youtube)

The Details

STOMP spoke to the taxi driver, Sebastian, on the phone and he recounted the details:

“This happened on May 18 at around 11.38pm. I’m a taxi driver in my 50s and I work the night shift. I had two passengers in my taxi, they were 16-year-old boys who were on their way home. I saw this yellow taxi in front, and I don’t know why they were taking some time to board the cab so I honked at them.

They got angry, and the skinny guy came around to the driver’s side, swung open the door violently and tried to remove my safety belt and pull me out. He was forceful and grabbed my arms. I sustained scratches on my arms from the incident. He didn’t manage to pull me out thanks to the safety belt, and his relatives pulled him away.

He was cursing and swearing and ran over to the passenger’s side to fling open the doors and pull out the boy who was seated in front. The boy, too, was spared being pulled out of his seat by the seat belt. The other passenger in the back seat called the police but we had to leave the scene so I’m not sure if the police responded.

After the skinny guy attacked me, the bigger sized guy who had banged on my taxi’s bonnet came and put his hands around my neck and tried to pull me out of my seat. The passenger in the back seat pulled his hands away and the guy then left. One of the old women and the old man were apologising during the incident. The doors had been left open after they were flung open. We quickly closed them and locked the doors before driving off.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore,Sebastian Fook (Youtube) & Asiaone

Wow..this is really too much leh! Of course you might be say that it’s the taxi driver’s fault in the first place because you would most likely be mighty irritated if you get honked at loudly but..take it from this view that the taxi in front was blocking the entire road?

Regardless, I don’t think this calls for such drastic and aggressive actions just BECAUSE the taxi driver showed his irritation/impatience by honking at them – ie BANGING the taxi’s bonnet and attempting to pull out the cab driver AND his passengers by force. This is really a trivial matter don’t you think so?

Of course, this is just my personal opinionyours may differ as you may look at it from a different perspective!

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