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Somersby Apple Cider x Blisshouse Theme Restaurant // Event Tasting

Last Saturday, I was invited to a Somersby food tasting at the newly opened Blisshouse Theme Restaurant over at Central @ Clarke Quay. And this time, my plus one was the bf!

Bliss House Themed Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Seng Street
#03-21A, The Central
Singapore 059817

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant is a beautiful place to take photos at, so I couldn’t resist the chance to snap a couple of photos of the place before the event started. Oh and if you can’t tell, the theme of the event was Garden / Picnic, and here’s what I wore:

Alice in Wonderland Floral Swing Dress in Yellow
from GlamPuss
Blazer from Tracyeinny

The place is just so gorgeously decorated so I just couldn’t resist snapping photos of the place! But for now, I’ll need to get back to blogging about the Somersby food tasting event!

But wait..before that:

Have you heard of Somersby Apple Cider before or tasted it yet?

If you haven’t then..I must say that you’re missing out on a GREAT drink! I tried it for the first time last year at an event and I haven’t changed my choice of cider ever since. It’s always Somersby Apple Cider for me!(:

I would definitely recommend that you try a bottle one day – and it’s great for the extreme crazy hot weather now because it’s such a refreshing drink, best drunk straight from the bottle or over ice! And just to mention, it’s made from 17.5% real apple juice, contains alcohol – only 4.5%, and is made from fermented apple juice, sugar and natural flavouring.

With regards to the, I would say that it reminds me strongly of sparkling apple juice, but it’s more ‘crisp’ and has a stronger apple flavour and refreshing taste!(:

Oh and by now you must be wondering..what has Somersby Apple Cider got to do with Blisshouse Theme Restaurant right? Well basically Somersby and Bliss House has partnered each other to create an appetizing and imaginative food and drinks menu to satisfy people looking for something a little different.

According to Dennis Ong, Executive Chef at Blisshouse:

‘By combining the ethereal theme that Bliss House embodies and the sweet succulent taste that Somersby Apple Cider has, we have devised a menu that promises a meal they won’t forget

Added to that, as mentioned, customers can also enjoy refreshing drinks (cocktails) created by Long Yishu, mixologist and restaurant manager with a balance of well loved spirits and the magic ingredient of Somersby cider!

Naturally, we were the first to try out what Somersby x Bliss House has in store(:

It started off with the Refreshing Somersby Trio Bliss Cocktail:

From Left to right:

  • Sweet Ruby Bliss
    Somersby apple cider, pomegranate and gin with a poached apple garnish
  • Refreshing Bliss
    Somersby apple cider, gin, and grapefruit with a grapefruit peel garnish
  • Bubbly Bliss
    Somersby apple cider, celery puree and gin with a celery stick garnish

And then we were given the opportunity to be the mixologist for the day(:

Following Yishun’s instructions, we poured the Somersby apple cider into each cocktail before mixing them and having a taste!

My favourite cocktail is refreshing blissa mixture of Somersby apple cider, gin, and grapefruit with a grapefruit peel garnish which people might find too sweet. But I like it! The bf likes bubbly bliss Somersby apple cider, celery puree and gin with a celery stick garnish because apparently celery is help improve your..night activities *if you know what I mean*

And now..the food! I was really excited to try them as it seems interesting to try it! Imagine tasting food infused with Somersby Apple Cider – have you tried it before?

Plus, I was hungry XD (so was the bf!)

Okay, not going to say much here, so let’s have the pictures do all the talking!(: Well, the course started off naturally with a salad:

1. Somersby Refreshing Ploughman Salad

Fresh mesclun salad freshly flown in with tasty cheddar cheese, tangy tomatoes, olive and Japanese cucumbers tossed lighly in a refreshing Somersby Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

Has my stamp of approval! I love the greens paired with the cheddar cheese and sweet apple slices!(:

And the bf hates tomatoes, but he ate it anyway. HAHA!

2. Somersby Decadent Foie Gras

Pan seared foie gras drizzled with Somersby Apple Cider reduction and lemon butter, served with puff pastry and arugula (rocket salad)

Generally, you can never go wrong with foie gras and this one hits the spot!

3. Somersby Pasta-Fantastica!

Succulent tube pasta mixed with assorted flavorsome greens and minced pork infused with Somersby apple cider with a hint of veal jus.

This dish tastes alot of like pasta Bolognese but with a more refreshing taste due to the Somersby apple cider. Pretty delicious I would say and I heard a couple of bloggers saying that they were going to try whip up this dish at home!

Me gusta!(:

4. Somersby Three Little Pigs

A trio of pan roasted pork tenderloin with roasted capsicum, onion confit and bacon wrapped enoki mushroom.

This is definitely the bf’s favourite dish because of the meat! HAHA!

The flavours range from sweet (onion confit), sour (roasted capsicum) and salty (bacon wrapped enoki mushroom)! I loved the last combination the most because I felt that it complemented the meat best! But overall, the sauce made from Somersby apple cider brought it all together(:

Last but not least, we ended off with dessert!(:

5. A Blissful Somersby Finish

Poached pear in Somersby apple cider topped with a delicious scoop of Vanilla ice cream to sweeten the taste buds

What a delicious way to end off a wonderful meal don’t you think so?(:

*blissful sighhh of contentment*

But of course, my compliments to the chef, Dennis Ong who whipped up the delicious dishes! A round of applause please(:

And of course, another round of applause for their mixologist, Long Yishu for coming up with the wonderful Somersby apple cider cocktails!(:

Overall, I did enjoy myself at the Somersby food tasting very much! I mean look at the awesome food I got to eat with the bf and the yummy cocktails we tried! Unfortunately we didn’t have much opportunity to mingle around with the other bloggers and members of the media at the event – but then again, I didn’t recognize anyone except Zoe Raymond!

Oh and after the event, we were given a picnic basket (literally) of goodies to bring home(:

Here, I would like to end off by giving my thanks to:

  • Somersby
  • Bliss House Theme Restaurant
    6 Eu Tong Seng Street
    #03-21A, The Central
    Singapore 059817
  • The bf (for being my plus one)

and most importantly,

  • Poppy for inviting me to the Somersby Food Tasting Event at Bliss House Theme Restaurant!

Thank you all very much and I really enjoyed myself!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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