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Tong Heng Egg Tarts // One of the Yummiest Egg Tarts in Singapore!

If people were to ask me, where would you say has the yummiest egg tarts in Singapore?

Well, in my personal opinion, I think that Tong Heng has one of the YUMMIEST egg tarts in Singapore! While some people proclaim it as the best egg tarts in Singapore!

Of course yours may differ!(:

For myself, I fell in love with these egg tarts the moment my mom bought them for me when I was younger. However, due to the location, I’m only able to eat the egg tarts only during the Chinese New Year period or when my mom passes by Chinatown area (which is rare) to buy the Kim Joo Guan Bak Kua.

Well, last Saturday after a Somersby food tasting at Blisshouse Restaurant (to be updated), I had a craving for Tong Heng eggtarts and the bf decided to drive there since it was so close anyway! YAY!

It was about 2pm or so when we reached Tong Heng, and luckily there were still egg tarts left! But I think they have more at the back, but well. Hehe, ordered 10 at a go – S$15.00 (Note that they will pack into a box of 5)!(:

Other than their famous Tong Heng egg tarts, they also have other delicious pastries as seen below:

Mmm, but the egg tarts – S$1.50 each are a MUST TRY if you haven’t eaten them before(: Here they are unboxed in their golden glory!

So yes, unlike the conventional egg tarts, the famous Tong Heng egg tarts comes in a unique diamond shape.

In terms of taste, the egg custard is really tender, sweet and you can really taste the egg while the crust is nice, crispy, flaky and crumbly. Best eaten hot if possible(:

Gahhh, after looking at these photos..I feel like eating them again! *drools*

Tong Heng Confectionery
285, South Bridge Road
Singapore 058833
62233649, 62230398
9am to 10pm

Tong Heng Confectionery (Branch)
Jurong Point Mall B1-10

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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