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Video: Supervisor captured on camera striking worker repeatedly on the face


Slapping video victim’s family demanding $100k compensation

SINGAPORE – The family of a 29-year-old intern, who was filmed being repeatedly slapped by his boss at a software company, is demanding for $100,000 in compensation for lost wages over the years.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the intern joined the firm at Jurong East three years ago as an undergraduate. He was paid $500 a month and not given any benefits or leave days. When he graduated from university, the intern continued to work for the company under the same pay, still without a contract or any benefits. His family said that he often returned home late and also turned up at work even when he was ill.

Yes indeed..I do want to know why he stayed on..

According to the intern, his supervisor, identified only as Alan, had physically and verbally abused him from time to time. However, he said that the worst incident was the one secretly recorded and shared online. When asked, the intern told a Wanbao reporter that he did not leave the job as he liked it very much and learned many new things while at it. He also said that he felt like he could not leave because there were always projects that he had to finish.

Despite that, the intern had tried to resign once in 2012 but was told not to leave as the office was shorthanded. When he asked for a pay raise, he was told by his supervisor that his performance was not up to scratch and that he did not have enough experience. The intern and his family went to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) offices today to file an official complaint against Alan. They told the Chinese daily that they had asked for a $100,000 compensation to make up for wages lost over the years.

When asked what he was most grateful to Alan for,  the intern said that Alan had allowed him to take paid-leave when his grandmother passed away. He said he initially denied being the victim in the video because he did not want the incident to affect Alan’s family.

Two more interns speak out

SINGAPORE – The same supervisor has also been accused of abusing two other female interns, Shin Min Daily News reported.

One of them told the Chinese evening paper that she was locked up in a room and harshly lectured by Alan. She revealed that she received at least five such lectures during the two months that she was with the company. Describing Alan as ill-tempered, she told Shin Min that he would flare up at every mistake made by his employees.

The 23-year-old student worked as an intern at the company as part of a university arrangement. She received a monthly allowance of $500. She noticed during the initial days of her internship the suppressive environment there and that the employees did not speak much. She said she chose to resign as she was not able to put up with the stressful conditions.

Another 20-year-old student, however, persevered and completed her internship at the company as she did not want her graduation to be affected. She said in a television interview that she went through nine weeks of unreasonable and aggressive treatment from Alan.

Credits: AsiaOne

Updated: 21 May 13

Office abuse video: Father of victim heartbroken

Yesterday morning, the victim and his parents went to confront the man, believed to be his supervisor. In their hour-long meeting, the abuser apologised profusely, but the parents refused to forgive him.

The victim’s father said: “He is my only son, and for him to get abused when he’s being paid so little, it breaks my heart.”

A police report has also been made.

Credits: The New Paper

Spotted on STOMP today:

Supervisor captured on camera striking worker repeatedly on the face

This shocking video shows a supervisor striking a subordinate on the face repeatedly in an office, in front of his coworkers. The video had been uploaded onto YouTube by a user whose profile states that he is from Singapore.

Office abuse caught on tape!

I had just started an internship and noticed my supervisor constantly bullying my co-worker in the workplace. The abuse were often physical. I confronted him about his behavior, but I felt his explanation was insincere. I fear that his appalling behavior would continue should I not be around to witness it.

There is no justification for hitting someone!

Edit to Clarify:
The supervisor was also constantly yelling at my co-worker for minor mistakes. The hitting and yelling stopped when I confronted him but this kind of behavior has most likely been going on even before I joined, and will again continue after I leave.

When I confronted him, he brought me to a meeting room and his “explanation” he told me a lot of BS like “do not judge a book by its cover, there is a story behind it”. He said that my colleague apparently has an inferiority complex and apparently my supervisor is trying to “nurture” him to get over it. I felt this was stupid, as how can you nurture someone by hitting them?

The abuse seemed to get worse over time during my first 3 days, on the 3rd day I quickly decided to start recording with my phone when the supervisor started to yell again at my coworker.  I have reported this to HR , and I will write to the Ministry of Manpower on Monday. However my co-worker is very timid and seems like the kind of guy that will not stand up for himself.

Credits:Shane M

STOMPers Beejay and Justin had come across the video on the internet and had been appalled by what it showed. He commented: How can this Singaporean supervisor use physical violence on his employee? The company owes Singapore an explanation.” STOMPer Justin wrote: “Supervisor constantly abusing worker. The abuse is often physical. No physical abuse should be allowed in any environment.”

Article Credits:STOMP Singapore

Holy crap, this type of physical abuse should definitely NOT be tolerated at work and I can’t believe that this is actually happening in Singapore! The poor guy just got hit and slapped repeatedly really hard by the supervisor, and I just think no matter what mistakes he made, it still doesn’t justify the abuse!

Regardless, kudos to this intern (Shane M) for taking action.

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