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13-Year-Old Chinese Girl Murders Classmate for Being Prettier // What?

I spotted this article title on ChinaSmack:

13-Year-Old Chinese Girl Murders Classmate for Being Prettier

And after reading it..this was my first reaction:

So what’s going on?

13-Year-Old Girl Murders and Dismembers Classmate for Being Prettier Than Her

A 13-year-old girl surnamed Zhou studied at Nandan County Lihu Yao Ethnicity Village Renguang Elementary School, where she and the 12-year-old girl surnamed Qin were classmates in 6th grade. They were good friends, and their families were neighbors on the same street, their houses less than 150 meters away from each other. Qin became envious of Zhou and started to hate her because her classmates liked to play with Zhou and used to say that she was fat and was not as pretty as Zhou.

The judgement shows that on the evening of 2012 April 10, Qin invited Zhou over to play. After Zhou arrived at Qin’s home and while the two were watching TV, Qin smashed a wooden stool over Zhou’s head and knocked her unconscious as Zhou was playing with her cell phone with her head down. For fear of Zhou telling teachers and parents upon regaining consciousness, she assaulted Zhou with a kitchen knife, a beer bottle, a paper knife, a pair of scissors and other murder instruments she found at home, causing Zhou to die at the scene. Then Qin even chopped off Zhou’s head and arms, put them into plastic bags, and cleaned the blood from the scene of the crime.

Guangxi Police determined that the defendant Qin committed intentional homicide [murder], but because she has not reached the age of 14 when she was committed the crime, she would not be held criminally liable in accordance with the law, and that Qin would be rehabilitated for 3 years.

Zhou’s parents filed a lawsuit in court, where the Guangxi Nandan County People’s Court ruled that in addition to the 10,000 yuan that Qin’s parents had already compensated the plaintiff, they must compensate the plaintiff another 98,000 yuan. Zhou’s parents were unsatisfied, and appealed.

Recently, the Guangxi Hechi City Intermediate People’s Court’s final judgment affirmed the original judgment.


Gawd..this girl should be locked up immediately after she is released from her rehabilitation. Imagine at such a tender age of 13 years old..she is already so vicious so as to kill and dismember her own classmateJUST BECAUSE she was jealous. This is definitely not human behavior in any way and society should be vary of her.

The worst thing is that in total, Qin’s family (plus the daughter aka murderer) could get away with just paying Zhou’s parents a paltry amount of 110,000 yuan or so (approx S$2.2k / USD 1.8k as compensation for their daughter’s life) while the murderer could get away with just a mere 3 years in rehab.

Where’s the justice in this?

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