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Thai Disco Lovers – Do take note of this girl!

Updated: 21 May 13

Apparently this story is NOT TRUE according to Pure Thai Disco:

Refer to here:

Credits: https://m.facebook.com/home.php?_dmr&_rdr#!/130537483664014/timeline/story?ut=69&hash=4476755670807297952&wstart=0&wend=1370069999&pagefilter=1&ustart&__user=797850156

Thank you to Jeff Lim for sharing this out!
Apologies for any unnecessary concern caused by the previous blog post shared from Jason Lim!

Original Post:

Many of my friends – both on Facebook and in real life are thai disco lovers but recently a story going viral on Facebook has me groing concerned for my friends – especially my male friends who enjoy going to Pure Thai Disco at Golden Mile in Singapore.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how true this is, but better to share to let everyone know just in case it really is.

Taken from this person’s Facebook – Jason Tan:

Again as mentioned, I DON’T KNOW how true this is – whether she really has HIV or if this is a real story, but in case it’s true..I do hope my friends who frequent Thai Discos often will take more precautions.

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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6 Comments on “Thai Disco Lovers – Do take note of this girl!

  1. Hi,

    The post about the HIV girl in pure is not true. Jason is a malaysian who get to know the girl in pure, and asked the girl to be his girlfriend, she rejected, and he say he will do anything to break her rice bowl… I know the girl, she has taken a HIV test to prove her innocent, the result will be out tomorrow. And she will comment from there onwards…

  2. this story I also know what happen he want the girl but this girl don’t want he then he angry…. this girl go check body everything she don’t have HIV…..Thailand girl work disco mean not work no good or go sleep with guys… I also work disco i no need go do like that i work at night becuz i is singer she work at night becuz she is coyoty …………… Look and then decide……i see like this i very angry he make thailand girl work at night or disco worse…….

  3. I dunno how true is this. But i knew her in Singapore Orchard tower as she working there before. Well, she is a very nice girl and eventually i fall in love with her, she has made me spent a lot money and i feel very stupid now. Whenever she needs to buy something she will call me out for shopping and I will need to spend all the money buying every single thing she need. When in club, I need to open taquila or waterfall to make her happy….Why i do this ? I am unsure, maybe i kena gongtao or what..Life sucks that time, luckily I jumped out from that !

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