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Video: Guy gets nasty surprise after killing praying mantis

So..spotted on STOMP today:

Guy gets nasty surprise after killing praying mantis

A man received the surprise of his life when he killed a praying mantis, only to find this strange creature slithering out of its carcass. The exact location where this took place is unknown, but a video of the incident circulating online has drawn various comments from baffled netizens.

**CAUTION: You might be a little turned off, watch at your own discretion!**

Guy Kills Praying Mantis and Releases Alien Worm

Some speculated that the ‘alien worm’ was actually a parasite worm — commonly found in large insects — that was leaving to find another host after the praying mantis died. “I’ve never seen something like that,” one netizen remarked. Another commented, “This mantis must have been on the brink of death. That worm must have taken up one third of its body volume.”

Article Credits: STOMP Singapore

Like many, I was just watching the video in horrific fascination and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the video. But at the end of it, I was TOTALLY DISGUSTED. ARGHHH THAT WAS GROSS LOL I can’t believe I watched this!

But anyway this ‘alien worm’ is actually a horsehair worm (nematomorph worm). They are parasites of invertebrates such as snails, beetles, cockroaches, grasshoppers and some crustaceans like freshwater and marine shrimps (source here).


Gahh..imagine this disgusting worm (longer than the insect) in the body!



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