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GlamPuss Pre-Mother’s Day Delivery & Eighteen Chefs

We had a special request from a customer last week who ordered the handmade Pearly Hearts Earrings from GlamPuss to deliver by Sunday just in time for Mother’s Day.

GlamPuss: Pearly Heart Earrings // S$5.70 (Free Local Postage)

However, the problem was that I only received her payment late midweek, and I was like..no way is this package going to be received by Sunday especially because I think that SingPost would be really busy during this period of time as well. So I decided to draw inspiration and launched a last minute marketing campaign (if you noticed on my blog, you would have seen this advertorial):

Looking for a last minute Mother’s Day present?

If you make payment BEFORE 10 May 2013, 1159PM*, you’ll receive it ON 11 May 2013 just in time for Mother’s Day! What’s more..Key in MOTHER12OFF to enjoy 12% off your total purchase! Remember..FREE local postage for ALL items!

*Discount valid till 12 May 2013. Not applicable with other discounts
*Payment received after 10 May 2013, 1159PM, item will be sent out on Monday instead

Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, I was unable to reach out to potential customers so in the end, I only had one special delivery to do. But that’s fine!(:

She stayed all the way near Tiong Bahru whilst the bf and I stay in the East (Tampines area), but I just wanted to make sure that she would be able to give her mom the Mother’s Day present so that’s what we did today!(: Yepp, the bf drove all the way these and in the end, I was really happy to receive this message from her:

IMG-20130511-WA0000 copy

After that, we decided to finally watch Iron Man 3 today at Tiong Bahru Plaza while shopping for a Mother’s Day/birthday gift for the bf’s mom. That’s because it’s like Mother’s Day is tomorrow and her birthday is on Monday, so it would be better to celebrate both of them at a go! In my case, I already prepared a present for my mom since last week. Hehe.

I wanted to try out Eighteen Chefs for dinner but the bf called home and found out that dinner was already cooked by his maid.

Hence we decided instead to takeaway what I really wanted to try out which was these:

1. Double Cheese Fries (I actually wanted the Double Cheese Bologanise Fries but the bf ordered wrongly!)

It was pretty soggy by the time we got to the bf’s home due to the 30min+ car ride from Tiong Bahru back to Tampines, and at first I was pretty miffed when I saw it as I told the bf that I wanted the Bolognese one. Bahh~ But it was okay I guess! And initially I thought that the white sauce was mayonnaise, but actually it was cheeeesseee. Totally overloaded on cheese much? Yummy but was too full to finish them all. Would have been better if it was eaten pipping hot but due to the circumstances~~ Next time I guess(:

2. Heart Attack Fried Rice (For 1)

I first spotted about the Heart Attack Fried Rice when they were having a promotion on the EDMW Facebook page sometime back and I wanted to try it cos it looked sinfully good. And so I did! My comments about this dish are..mm, well first of all, it’s really oily! Hahaha! The beef was alright, not very tough but as I said, oily! The garlic rice was pretty good imo, but again..a little too oily. Might pass up on this dish the next time round, but it’s worth a try!(:

And oh while waiting for the food just now, I was just snapping some random photos including:

Their ordering process

Ordering Area

General layout and ambience

And this is what I really want to try out the next time I’m here, the double cheese baked rice!

Oops forgot to mention, this is what his maid cooked for the bf’s family (4 of us!) including soup not pictured here! And I ate just the veggies as I had too much oily food XD

Well, that was it for the day, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Will be busy prepping quite alot of stuff including:

  • GlamPuss next launch coming soon next week
  • 2 Food invites on Wednesday and Saturday

So stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the weekend!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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