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Man sexually assaults boy, 9, in Tanglin Halt

Spotted on the pages on my Facebook newsfeed from InSing News:

Man sexually assaults boy, 9, in Tanglin Halt

After a boy helped him wash plates at a food court, a man pulled the student to a staircase landing at a multi-storey carpark and sexually assaulted the young victim. Picture for illustration purposes only (Photo: Screen grab from YouTube)

A nine-year-old boy was with a friend at a food court in Tanglin Halt, when a man asked them for help to collect and wash plates. The friend did not want to and left, leaving the boy, a Primary 3 student, to help the man. This kind gesture ended badly for the boy, as he was later sexually attacked by the man.

Benjamin Francis, 44, a divorcee, was yesterday sentenced to a total of 10 years’ jail and ordered to be caned 15 times for his sex crimes, Channel NewsAsia reported. The court heard that the incident happened in the early hours of 8 November 2011. On 7 November that year, Francis had asked the boy for help and it was past midnight by the time they finished washing the plates. Francis then grabbed the boy and took him to a multi-storey carpark at Tanglin Halt Road.

He then molested and sexually assaulted the victim at one of the staircase landings there. At one point, the boy threw up and then managed to escape, The Straits Times reported. Francis was caught later in the vicinity.

Credits:InSing Singapore

Horrified, disgusted and sickened by his actions!

What’s more..he was only 9 years old at that moment of time! I hope the poor boy has recovered from his ordeal and that it hasn’t brought any trauma since the assault in 2011..

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