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Insect in wanton noodles is only part of a vegetable, staff tells customer

Updated: 12/5/13

Pontian Food Holdings Pte Ltd has responded to STOMPer Sherain’s report of finding an insect in her bowl of wanton noodles on Tuesday (May 7).

The STOMPer had said that staff members had dismissed it and said the insect was part of a vegetable.

Here is the response of Pontian Food Holdings Pte Ltd:

“On 7 May 2013, a man on behalf of Ms Sherain did approach Pontian’s employee Madam Yue-E at Pontian’s stall at Hougang Blk 682, with a bowl of noodles. He said there was an insect inside the bowl of noodles and Madam Yue-E, initially could not see what he pointed very clearly but in accordance with Pontian’s goodwill policy to customers, she took the bowl from him and told him that she could make him another bowl of noodles or refund the money paid for the noodles.

“After he declined her offer and left, Madam Yue-E took a closer look ,saw the insect, picked it out from the noodles and discovered that it was moving. The insect was very thin, small and only about 0.5 inches unlike the size shown in the picture shown on the stomp posting of 8 May 2013. Ms Sherain was seated in the outdoor area of the coffeeshop where there was an overhead awning during the day. However, as the awning sheltering the outdoor area is typically retracted at 7pm daily ,she was exposed to the surrounding big trees at the material time.

“It is clear that the insect had fallen into her bowl of noodles from the surrounding trees. It is not uncommon for insects from the surrounding trees to fall onto the tables, people and their food while seated in the outdoor area. As such, most consumers generally do not like to be seated in that area.

“Pontian emphasizes that as the insect was alive, it could not have fallen into the noodles in the course of food preparation. If so, the insect would not be still alive and moving .Thus the presence of the insect is not caused by Pontian.Pontian hopes that this posting clarifies what really happened in this incident and looks forward to the understanding of the public.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

This is what the original author commented back:

Hi.. I am the victim, Sherain.. VERY DISAPPOINTED after reading this response by Pontian Food Holdings Pte Ltd.. Firstly, i was sitting INSIDE the coffeeshop, not outside. Secondly, the staff NEVER request to refund any money to us. Lastly, till now, i have not receive any apology from Pontian Food Holdings Pte Ltd.

Your views?

Original Story Spotted on STOMP:

Insect in wanton noodles is only part of a vegetable, staff tells customer

STOMPer Sherain found an insect in her bowl of wanton noodles but both staff dismissed it and said it was part of a vegetable.

Wrote the STOMPer:

“I was eating 笨珍云吞面 (famous Pontian wanton noodles) at Hougang Blk 682 on May 7 at 11.15pm. While eating, I was shocked to see an insect in my bowl of noodles. My friend politely asked the staff why this ‘thing’ was in my bowl of noodles and they claimed that it is normal and is only a part of a vegetable!


He even waited for the queue at the stall to dissipate before asking the staff about the insect. They did not bother to look at it and only started to apologise when my friend kept asking them about it and told them to pick it up to see for themselves. They reluctantly offered us another bowl of wanton noodles but no thanks…I can afford one. I will never eat 笨珍云吞面 again!

This used to be my (stomper’s) favourite stall and I used to patronise them often. After eating this bowl of noodles, I felt so disgusted I vomitted.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

After reading this article, would you still eat at 笨珍云吞面 (Pontian Wonton noodles)?

I’m having second thoughts x_x

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