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RWS valet staff take $1m Ferrari for joyride at Sentosa

This was at the top of my newsfeed this morning from The Straits Times Online and on STOMP:

RWS valet staff take $1m Ferrari for joyride at Sentosa

Preston with his Ferrari 458. He left the key with valets at RWS while having supper there and returned to find the car missing. — ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

A Ferrari 458 owner was left hopping mad when he checked his in-car camera and found out that the two valets he had handed the car over to at Resorts World Sentosa had taken it for a joyride.

The Straits Times reported that the valets were entrusted with car owner Preston’s key at about 2am last Tuesday. The 61-year-old retiree had gone to RWS for supper with a friend. Instead of safeguarding the $1 million sports car as they should have, the two valets hopped inside and went for a joyride across Sentosa that lasted over an hour.

When Preston returned to the spot where he had parked his car — in front of Hotel Michael — it was not there. It was then 3.30am. He had reminded the valet staff twice not to move or drive his car when he had entrusted them with the key.

Car camera footage showed the Ferrari zip past landmarks like Hotel Festive and the casino, with the passenger bragging about having driven a Lamborghini and an Audi before.From the recorded conversation, it seems they were going at 80kmh, twice the usual speed limit of what is allowed on Sentosa roads.

Preston said his car is not covered by insurance when driven by a valet. He is usually directed to the parking area when he drives in to other hotels. A police spokesman confirmed that a report had been made and that the police are conducting investigations.

An RWS spokesman said it had been made aware of the incident by the guest and investigations involving all parties are ongoing.

“We take a serious view of incidents involving guest property and have in place strict policies for outsourced valet staff to follow,” he added.

Photo Credits:The Straits Times
Article Credits: STOMP Singapore

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