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Video: Florentijn Hofman’s Giant Rubber Duck // Now in Hong Kong!

Updated: 15 May 13

ACK? Did the duck just inflate?




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Spotted this on the news just now and I thought it was so cute!

Florentijn Hofman’s Giant Rubber Duck sails into Hong Kong

The 16.5-metre-tall inflatable sculpture, by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, finally set sail after weeks of tests. It will be on display near Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui until June 9.

Watch the videos:

Giant Rubber Duck Floats Into Hong Kong

Rubber Duck “waltzing” into Victoria Harbour

Giant rubber duck sails into Hong Kong

An inflatable rubber duck six storeys high sailed into the Hong Kong harbour on Thursday to the cheers of hundreds of people who gathered to watch the classic bathtime-inspired artistic creation.

The bright yellow 16.5-metre-tall (54-feet) Rubber Duck, conceived by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, dwarfed other craft as it was towed by a tugboat a fraction of its size past the city’s iconic skyline to a mooring.

Since 2007, the art installation has travelled to 13 different cities in nine countries ranging from Brazil to Australia in its journey around the world.

Even the sun comes out to welcome #RubberDuck @SCMP_News #HK #culture pic.twitter.com/NRczHEdoTP (Twitter user: VivienneChow)

Hofman said he hopes the duck, which will stay till June 9, will act as a “catalyst” for connecting people to public art.

The duck is the product of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. Hofman first conceived the idea in 2001. “It makes you feel young again,” Hofman says of the duck.

“It’s about connecting people… don’t take life for granted, your urban space for granted. You walk every day the same route to work, but look and stop going too fast,” he said.

The duck has already proved a welcome distraction from the everyday routine of city life, with office workers pressing up against skyscraper windows to take pictures

Inflatable Rubber Duck Exhibition, May 2 to June 9, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Ocean Terminal, Harbour City — Victoria Harbour and Forecourt.

Rubber Duck Photo Exhibition, May 1 to May 26, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Gallery by the Harbour, Ocean Centre, Harbour City.

Both exhibitions are free.

Credits: ChannelNewsAsia

Oh and if you were wondering how the duck is able to stay afloat and all the nitty gritty details..well here you go:

And here are more photos and videos of the Giant Rubber Duck from all around the Web:

Inflating the giant rubber ducky

A huge rubber duck floats on the waters at the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, south China, May 2, 2013. The largest rubber duck was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, with 18 meters of length, 15 meters of width and height. The duck has visited 12 cities since 2007. (Xinhua/Lui Siu Wai)
Rubber duck merchandise. Damn I want one!
The duck has visited 12 cities around the world, including Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.

And after Hong Kong..the rubber duck is going to the United States! But no further details revealed yet(:

After Hong Kong, the duck will head to the United States, though exactly where won’t be revealed until about a week before floatation.

Next stop for Rubber Duck is the United States. The exact destination is a closely guarded secret.
“I can’t say, it’s confidential,” said Hoffman. In the States it will stay a secret until the last week.”


Boo..I wish the rubber ducky would come to Singapore! Ah..and this giant ducky sure reminds me of the days of the Singapore Duck Race back in those days. Do you remember it too?

Source: The Inncrowd Hostel, Singapore. (2002). Million Dollar Duck Race (24 Nov 2002) . [On-Line]. Available: http://www.the-inncrowd.com/imagesduckrace/index.htm. (April 02, 2005).
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  1. the duck looks right at home in Victoria Harbour – check out our video of the duck arriving in Sydney Australia – on You Tube sydneycoolaustralia

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