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Woman’s leg caught in platform gap during rush hour

First spotted on The Straits Times Online:

Woman’s leg caught in platform gap during rush hour

Commuters helping Madam Ong after her leg got caught in the platform gap (above). She took medical leave for two days because of her injuries. — PHOTOS: STOMP, SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

A COMMUTER has told of her “panic” after her leg got trapped between an MRT train and a station platform when she was “pushed” by commuters.

She took medical leave for two days because of her injuries. — PHOTOS: STOMP, SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

Full Story: The Straits Times

And then on STOMP:

Woman suffers palm-sized bruise after her leg gets caught in MRT platform gap

Another commuter’s leg got trapped in the gap between the MRT train and the station platform last Wednesday. She says she was pushed. Madam Ong told The Straits Times about her ordeal at Little India station, during the morning rush-hour.

It seems she had been standing by the doors while taking a crowded train on the North-East Line from Farrer Park to HarbourFront when she was “pushed”. The secretary in her 40s said, “About three people exiting the train pushed me from the back, even though I was trying to give way by stepping out of the train first so they could get out.”

It was then that her left leg slipped into the 10cm platform gap and got trapped. Thankfully nearby commuters helped her up and gave up a seat so Madam Ong could sit down and recover. Madam Ong took two days’ medical leave as a result of the pain. “It’s so scary. I was in a state of panic – I can’t imagine what would have happened if the train doors had closed,” she said.

Responding to media queries, SBS Transit senior vice-president of corporate communications Tammy Tan said it is investigating the latest matter. In June last year, two cases of commuters’ legs being trapped in the gaps atRaffles Place and Bugis stations were reported in the space of one week. SMRT had said such gaps are necessary to accommodate the train’s movement as it enters a station, so it does not scrape against the platform edge.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

And ouch! The bruise looks super painful! But can you imagine if you were trapped in the same situation as her? Well, I don’t know about you but..I’ve always been afraid of accidentally dropping stuff into the platform gap because it’s quite wide! But since SMRT says that these gaps are necessary..there’s nothing much that can be done about it except to be careful!

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