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Teen throws cat from 10th storey of HDB block

Picked up a copy of The New Paper this afternoon and chanced upon this horrific news:

Teen throws cat from 10th storey of HDB block


Mr Yazid Jasni was about to enter his flat when he saw something fall from the 10th storey of the opposite HDB block.

Curious, he went downstairs to check what it was, and was shocked to find it was a cat. “(The cat) was bleeding a lot, it looked like it broken its paws,” he said.

Mr Yazid Jasni said he saw a teenager on the second storey sticking his head out, as if he was trying to see where the cat landed. Suspecting the cat had been thrown, the operations executive made sure the cat survived before confronting the suspect. “At first… he kept denying (that he threw the cat), until I threatened to call the authorities,” said Mr Yazid, 35.

According to him, the teenager then admitted he had thrown the cat down. The incident happened at about 5pm on Sunday.

The full report from The New Paper:

Credits:The New Paper and the Cat Welfare Society

Bah, and I think that the mom is trying to cover up for her 14 year old boy saying that he is ‘playful/hyperactive‘. Regardless of whether the latter is true or not..well, I jolly well hope she takes him in hand and teach him what’s right and wrong. And what’s wrong?

What about throwing a poor innocent cat from the 10th storey of a HDB block?

I think this constitutes as animal abuse isn’t it? Well, AVA is still investigating the case, but in my opinion, I think that the family should be responsible in footing the medical bills for this poor kitty at the very least.

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