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Thumbs Up to This Chicken Rice Uncle!

Spotted on Fabrications About The PAP Facebook Page this morning:

Overheard: “I am sharing just because it felt good that there are Singaporeans out there who appreciate our NSFs. If I only knew where this stall is at, I would definitely pay that uncle a visit and just buy food from him as a gesture of my appreciation. Just because he acknowledged the sacrifice an NSF had made for his country.”

“你在当兵啊?(You in army izzit?)
“请你吃,(I blanja you = I treat you)
“谢谢你保卫国家 (thank you for defending the country”)

Credits:Fabrications About The PAP Facebook Page

Like many, I’m really touched by this uncle’s gesture. Are you?

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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