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Rich man in China stabs wife over 30 times during fight

Spotted on STOMP and Chinasmack today:

Rich man in China stabs wife over 30 times during fight at Nanjing Jian’ye District’s Xidi International Neighborhood

A wealthy man in Nanjing with numerous luxury residences and a Lamborghini to his name stabbed his 22-year-old wife to death on Apr 25, leaving behind a four-month-old daughter.

According to a ChinaSmack report, the couple had met as high school classmates and were married for two years. Ji Xingpeng, 24, had returned home after drinking and gotten into an argument with his wife, Qi Kexin. He then grabbed a knife and attacked her in his fury. She was sent to hospital but it was too late. More than 30 knife wounds were found on her body.

Soon after, the wife’s microblog was uncovered by local Nanjing netizens. In her new year’s wishes this year, she had written that she hopes her husband would love her even more, that her baby would quickly grow up, and had posted photos of themselves as a loving couple. The perpetrator was also very quickly uncovered by Mop and Tianya discussion forum netizens.

The husband’s name is Ji Xingpeng, is a member of the Nanjing FSC Super Car Club, who drives a Lamborghini LP570; The wife’s name is Qi Kexin, and the two had an enviable wedding ceremony. It was also claimed in the discussion forum that the two had indeed initially met in a bar/nightclub.

A friend of Qi revealed that she lived the life of a dutiful wife, but the husband would go to gentlemen clubs and lock her up at home, beating her whenever he returned unhappy; The husband even contracted venereal disease sleeping around with outside women and infected the wife.

My friend was so angry that she wanted a divorce, and were it not for her barely 100-day old child, she would’ve never endured it and reconciled.

Another reason why the wife could put up with this kind of circumstance for so long was also because “her mother-in-law didn’t treat her poorly, and actually was quite fond of her, and her husband occasionally was fine except when he got into bad moods and would take it out on her. But this kind of perverse/sick love is not love!

Her friend added, “My friend was such a fool that she was still preparing a birthday present for that beast these past few days. How could you bear to do such a thing to a woman who loves you that much!”

Credits: STOMP Singapore & Chinasmack

Just because you’re rich doesn’t give you the right to take away someone’s life like that. What a BEAST! 禽兽不如!! PUI!

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