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Over 50 Hougang residents rush to help stray dog after hearing its cries

Spotted on STOMP this evening:

Over 50 Hougang residents rush to help stray dog after hearing its cries

STOMPer UnknownSingaporean said about 50 Hougang residents heard the cries of a stray dog and rushed to the scene. It seemed that a spiked rope was being used to capture the dog and the residents were trying to stop the dog catchers.

“The incident happened on April 27, around 10.30pm and lasted about one to two hours. It started with a stray dog that was around the neighborhood for years already. After that, some residents made a police report regarding this stray dog.

The police activated the AVA to come down to catch the dog. They were trying to catch it with a spiked rope. The dog was bleeding and was barking very loudly. Residents living in Hougang heard it and immediately rushed to the scene to defend the dog to prevent it from being caught and possibly put down.

“The commotion ended with at least 50 to 60 people at the scene with 6 police officers, a group of welfare association members and a few AVA catchers. In the end the dog was safely brought to a vet and to the Animal Welfare Association.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

I was watching the video posted on STOMP and the cries of the dog barking in pain really got to me. I mean..why did AVA even use the spiked rope to catch a dog in the first place? That’s really cruel and uncalled for. Luckily some of the kind residents of Hougang stepped in to help prevent this act and the dog is now in safe hands right now.

*Although I’m not sure which which welfare group stepped in to help as I don’t see any news about this in the Facebook groups that I know of. Will update if I find out more

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