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The Paper Sailboat // Advertorial & Review

If you didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE fan of accessories (you should see my collection!)! That’s why if you ever spot me out on the streets, you’ll notice I’ll either be wearing some form of accessoriesbe it necklaces, rings or earrings! My preference leans towards the first (necklaces) the most of course. Hehe.

Well today, I would like to introduce an accessories blogshop to you called…


So what’s so special about The Paper Sailboat? 

Well, what perked my interest the most is that most of the accessories sold are

And yeah, that’s pretty rare in Singapore!

Moving on, the lovely owner of The Paper Sailboat, Kathy kindly sponsored me a necklace from the Happy Thoughts Collection and 2 earring studs from the Candy Rush Collection. And seriously..I was extremely spoiled for choice!


I know what you must be thinking right now..
What Happy Thoughts Collection and Candy Rush Collection? -.-?

So here you go:

1. Happy Thoughts Collection

Adorable Handmade Necklaces @ $13.90 mailed
Length of Gold Chain: Approx. 74 cm
Material: Gold-plated Brass

2. Candy Rush Collection

Super cute handmade ear studs @$6.90 mailed
Material: Silver-plated Metal, Printed Fabric, Resin


Aren’t they like SUPER ADORABLE?! And there is a large variety for me to select from so as mentioned, I was seriously spoiled for choice especially with regards to the necklaces as I really really liked them all!

In the end, want to give a guess what necklace and 2 ear stud designs I selected? Then read on!(:

First up, the ordering to the delivery process was pretty fast and I received my parcel within the next few days after it was sent out. Oh and luckily the designs I ordered were still available and I was really excited to check them out! (A couple are already sold out at the moment so hurry get yours today at The Paper Sailboat!)

Parcel is here!(:

The three items were securely wrapped in bubble wrap and even came with a sweet thank you note!(:

And here you go..unveiling my first item – the necklace! I selected the design, HTN85 – S$13.90 mailed because it was one of the main necklaces that caught my attention the most and I could really see myself pairing loads of my apparels with it!

And it’s out of the bubble wrap!

Close up! Isn’t it really pretty? And it looks exactly alike from the initial photo(:

Without hesitation, I immediately wore this necklace out a couple of times and it’s now one of my favourite necklaces!

As seen below, I recently attended the Cadbury Joyville: The Most Marvellous Bloggers’ Party and as you can see, I wore it to the event!(:

Also, I just wore it out again recently to work, and a couple of my colleagues (from another department) were like omg that’s so cute and asked where I got it from! And I was like, ah an online blogshop called The Paper Sailboat(:

Now moving on to the ear studs..these are the 2 designs I selected in the end. Oh and it just dawned on me that I subconsciously selected animal designs for all 3 pieces!

So here you go, pictures of CRE12-14W (Cat) & CRE10-28R (Panda) – S$6.90 mailed each looking super cute in real life!

1. CRE10-28R (Panda) – S$6.90 mailed

If you were wondering..why panda? Well, that’s because of my panda eyes! Haha! Plus pandas are one of my favourite animals along with cats(: This is super cute! And actually I wore it out to an event as well, but it isn’t too obvious in the photo!

So here’s a closeup of how it looks worn instead!

2. CRE12-14W (Cat) – S6.90 mailed

When I saw this pair of cat ear studs, I was like – okay I know I DEFINITELY had to get these! I can a cat fan not get cat ear studs right? Plus they are again..really cute!

And I love how unique they look on my ears! 😀

The Conclusion
Overall, I found almost ALL their accessories especially those in the handmade collections to be unique and super adorable to boot! It’s rare to find an accessories blogshop where I actually find myself being super tempted to buy another in the collection! Plus the owner, Kathy is really nice and friendly and service/delivery is excellent!(:

So, if you’re looking for cute and unique handmade accessories, I would highly recommend that you purchase from….


Or if you prefer to take a look at them physically instead of online, you can head down to Hako @ AMK Hub and look for this box there!(: (ps, i ADORE the rabbit and squirrel necklace >_<~)


So what are you waiting for?

>> Click HERE to check out The Paper Sailboat! <<
>> Click HERE to check out The Paper Sailboat! <<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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