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Jobless man jailed 14 years, given 24 strokes of cane for rape and robbery

Spotted on The Straits Times Online during breaktime:

Jobless man jailed 14 years, given 24 strokes of cane for rape and robbery

Tan Jun Hui (Taken from The New Paper)

A jobless man who raped and robbed a woman at knifepoint as she made her way home was sentenced to 14 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane on Wednesday.

Tan Jun Hui, 30, pleaded guilty in the High Court last week to one charge each of armed robbery, aggravated rape and attempted aggravated sexual assault.

In the early hours of Nov 16, 2010, he saw the woman, a 21-year-old civil servant, at the lift lobby of her block of flats in the western part of Singapore. He decided to rob her and took a 21cm-long knife from his car.

Before the lift door closed, Tan dashed in with the woman. When the lift reached the second floor, where she lived, she was about to walk out but Tan pulled her back in. She handed over some $200 after he threatened her with the knife. At the ninth floor, he dragged her to a staircase and robbed her of her two mobile phones. Tan tried to force her to perform oral sex on him but she resisted. He then raped her at the staircase landing.

Article Credits:The Straits Times

Actually I read this story earlier last week on The New Paper if I recall right

Man rapes woman after celebrating wife’s birthday

He had celebrated his wife’s birthday with the family and had been drinking since 7pm.

Tan Jun Hui then joined his friends at a Geylang karaoke lounge, where he had more drinks, according to his lawyer B. Mahtani.

Highly intoxicated, Tan found himself at a carpark at a block of flats in the western part of Singapore at about 3am.

The jobless man got out of his car to smoke, but a woman walking towards the lift lobby after getting out of a taxi, caught his attention.

Deciding to rob her, he returned to the car to get a knife. But over the next 10 minutes, not only did he rob the then 21-year-old civil servant, he also raped her.

Yesterday, Tan pleaded guilty to three charges of armed robbery, attempted oral sex and rape.

Article Credit:The New Paper Online

And on The New Paper today:

Mother of rape victim: Our hurt is forever


Tan Jun Hui, 30, was jailed 14 years and given 24 strokes of the cane yesterday for armed robbery, aggravated rape and attempted aggravated sexual assault.

Among those in the public gallery in the courtroom at the High Court was his victim, who was 21 years old when Tan committed the crimes on Nov 16, 2010.

He had grabbed her in a lift in her HDB block when she returned home in the early hours, threatened her at knifepoint and then robbed and raped her.

When the victim’s mother was asked if she had forgiven Tan, she retorted: “Would you be able to forgive him? He will be in jail for a while, but our hurt is forever.

Read the full report in The New Paper on April 25 (Thursday).

Article Credit: The New Paper

Imagine her humiliation and psychological trauma this girl has gone through since 2010. Even till now, she is still living in the shadow of this case.

I am utterly disgusted by his actions and I agree with the vicitim’s mom that Tan Jun Hui deserves this sentence

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