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NUS student found dead in campus hostel

I read about this case last night from the EDMW forums HERE but I wanted to see if it was true first before posting it, and indeed, it appeared on the news today.

NUS scholar found dead in UTown campus

UPDATED [11:25am 24 April 2013. Adds information from police and acquaintances of the deceased.]

A Year One student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Scholars’ Programme (USP) has been found dead in the varsity’s UTown campus.

21-year-old Peter Huen Kam Fai was found dead in his room late Tuesday afternoon at the Cinnamon College. The cause of death has yet to be confirmed but Yahoo! Singapore understands he was found hanging.

21-year-old Peter Huen (Facebook photo/Peter Huen)

Police said they received a call on Tuesday at 5:06pm requesting forassistance at College Ave East. Upon arrival, they found a male Chinesemotionless at the location. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said they are investigating the “unnatural death”. 

An NUS spokesperson revealed, in an official statement, that “the student was found in his room by a university staff” and that “police investigations are ongoing.”

Huen, who was majoring in Political Science, is also understood to have been an active sportsman, and was part of the USP Foosball Club.

An NUS graduate who used to play floorball in school with the deceased but did not want to be named told Yahoo! Singapore Huen’s death was “really unexpected because you could never tell he was suicidal”. Huen had also stopped turning up for games “for a while”, the person added. The source further pointed out that Huen’s “last Facebook post was in mid-March”, despite being someone who “used to post pretty often”.

News of Huen’s death quickly spread on social media.A post on popular local forum Eat Drink Man Woman by his former teacher at Hwa Chong Institution, Charles Low, said the “world has lost a good man today”.

He added that Huen would be missed for his quiet confidence, his wit and self-deprecating humour and willingness to help others. It’s also understood he had a passion for writing and the humanities. A fellow resident of Cinnamon College, who also did not wish to be named, described Huen as “always well-liked… always with a smile.”

This is a developing story. More details to follow.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom Singapore

At this moment, the reason for his death is still unknown, however most are speculating that it’s a suicide attempt because of either stress or love issues. In this case, I don’t want to pass any opinions yet, so I will wait for the official news from the officials and update it here.

Regardless, it is a sad fact that 2 lives were lost yesterday, both related to NUS. One – Peter, though I may not have known him, but I am sorry for the loss of this fine, young man and I hope that the police will be able to investigate the reason behind his death. Added to that, yesterday, the wife of the NUS professor was also involved in a fatal accident as well as seen below.

On Tuesday, the wife of NUS professor, Gong Jiangbin, was killed in an accident with an SBS double-decker bus. Zhang Hui Rui, 43, died after being hit and dragged by bus service 78, which was turning into Clementi Avenue 3.

Read the story here

RIP to both and may their families stay strong.

Till later,
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  1. I doubt this particular incident is anything sinister, but there are a lot of “official” reports in other matters that are far more troubling. Never blindly trust the “official” news from “the officials”. If you are interested, do your own journalistic investigations. Learn to ask questions, learn to talk to the right people. Otherwise, you will be with the majority of the spoon-fed populace.

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