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Child Burnt by Heat Pads at Babysitter’s Home // A Case of Negligence

I first read about this story in The New Paper last Friday and I was horrified.

Babysitter’s husband jailed for three months after child burnt by heat pads

The paid babysitter put the one-year-old baby girl to bed and left home for a quick trip to the supermarket, telling her husband and young son to keep an eye on her charge.

Her husband had been cooling some boiled heat packs on a queen-sized bed, next to a small mattress where the girl lay.

When the babysitter got back half an hour later, the girl was lying with her back atop the packs.

She suffered burn injuries to 35 per cent of her body and had to be hospitalised. She also had to undergo 12 operations for her injuries, as well as long-term scar management therapy.

The babysitter’s husband, Mohammad Shahrin Akbar, 31, was jailed three months on Wednesday for causing grievous hurt by negligence.

Article Credits: The New Paper

Then today after lunch with the bf, I went to pick up a copy of The New Paper to read in the evening, and then the headlines and the photo caught my attention immediately.

I knew that it was bad, but to actually see the actual injuries (2 years after the initial incident)..it’s just simply awful..

TNP PHOTO: Choo Chwee Hua

She cried when she saw her daughter’s back

Madam Farah (not her real name) remembers the day in 2011 when she got the call about the accident, from her daughter’s babysitter Madam Mardianah. She rushed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and when she saw her daughter in pain with a large part of her back burnt pink and raw, all she could do was bawl her eyes out. Speaking to The New Paper last Friday, Madam Farah talked about how her daughter got burned in an accident that saw the babysitter’s husband jailed for negligence.

Article Credits: The New Paper

A moment of folly/negligence turned into a child’s nightmare that will forever scar her for life.

Can you imagine how it would be like for her as she grows up? At the tender age of 2, she can already feel/notice some difference already. As that, I feel really really sorry for both mother and daughter. The mother who was too busy working shifts – had to hire a babysitter to take care of her precious child. And this happened. For the child – she was innocent and now she has to go through over 12 operations to reduce the scarring.

Well, I just hope the mother and daughter will stay strong!

Till later,
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