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[Video] One photo a day in the worst year of my life // Domestic Abuse

Spotted on STOMP first:

Woman’s shocking photos taken over a year show the abuse she went through

A woman who is apparently stuck in an abusive relationship has taken to the Internet to get help — by posting a video montage of her self-portraits taken over the course of a year, showing the severe extent of her injuries.

The shocking video starts off with a portrait of someone who possessed the glow of confidence and happiness from 2012. As time goes by, the glow slowly disappears from the woman’s face and gets replaced with a harrowing combination of fear and apprehension.

First, it was a bruise on one side of her cheeks. Then, things went from bad to worse as she sported bruises on both sides of her face; blood clots formed around her eyes as if she got punched. Some pictures also show what seems like strangulation marks around her neck but the worst was yet to come.

The final images on the video shows her badly beaten up, with severe bruising all over her once-clear face and an inflammation on her temple. At the end, she left a haunting message written in what seems to be Croatian, which reads: “Help me. I do not know if I can hold out until tomorrow“.

‘Help me. I do not know if tomorrow will come’

The video got uploaded online and went viral almost immediately. Some netizens even speculated that it may be a viral advertisement campaign for domestic abuse but Serbian newspaper Telegraf claims that the girl’s name is Mia Hujic, a translator and hostess who was “visibly upset and surprised” that they managed to identify her. She has also worked as a model for Italy’s fashion houses, Ralph Lauren & Jill Sander.

The paper later reported that she “wouldn’t like to give any official statements on this occasion”, and that they understand the Serbian authorities are involved in this case and are trying to find out the nature of this video.

Credits:STOMP Singapore
Original Article:Telegraph found “abused” girl from the video that ignited the world!

Your thoughts? Real or marketing campaign?
Regardless, domestic abuse is a real issue in our world.

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