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Behind the Scenes – GlamPuss First Studio Shoot // Featuring Art of Beaute

So, if you didn’t know, I finally decided to branch out to apparels recently and even went to my first ever sourcing trip just last month! (Not because GlamPuss is doing fantastically well either ><, but it’s my dream!) And before I left, I put up an ad on Gumtree to look for a model that I felt fit the GlamPuss concept best! During the application period, I received over 70+ model applications and it was a really hard decision to make.

But I finally settled on..SHARON!(:

Moving on, the next step after getting my model and apparels was to book a studio that was relatively affordable. My initial plan was to find and book it at least 2 weeks in advance. But in the end, we spent the previous weekends testing out on a muslin sheet at the bf’s home – but sadly, without the proper studio lighting, the photos turned out pretty bad!

Also, I was approached by Jorina from Art of Beaute to collaborate on our first apparel collection and I readily agreed. And then suddenly, just days before, I got myself a makeup artist (for the first 2 collection only)!

Meanwhile, a couple of days before the shoot (about 5-6 days), I started emailing, then mass calling all the famous blogshop studios that I knew of and my initial studio that I wanted was fully booked. And obviously I was panicking because either I was unable to contact them or it was full. Yes….was super last minute and I regretted it. Thankfully, Anson from Matte White Studio was able to slot me in at my preferred timing on Saturday – like 3 day before the shoot!

Oh and before I start off..firstly I would like to say a few things:

  • I apologize for the poor quality of photos. It was first studio shoot, and first few experiences taking photos with a DSLR
  • The DSLR had loads of problems as you will see in the following photos
  • All photos shown are raw/unedited unless stated otherwise
  • Since then, I have bought a secondhand Canon 450D which is easier to use. Previously used a Nikon D60 loaned from my cousin
  • I have done more research and experimenting the ISO/modes/shutter speed with my Canon 450D. See sample photos from my recent food review of 4 & A Half Gourmands HERE

So on that Saturday, I was filled with apprehension because it was the first of many things!

  1. My first studio photoshoot
  2. My first apparel photoshoot
  3. My first attempt at taking photos of people (portrait shots)
  4. My first time meeting my model, Sharon
  5. My first time meeting the makeup artist, Jorina

So the bf and I arrived at the studio 20 minutes prior to our booked slot and there, we met the makeup artists from Art of Beaute, Jorina & Jany (plus her daughter)! It was really awkward at the beginning because I’m not the most social person and it takes awhile for me to warm up to people. Plus Crystal wasn’t around to be my ‘pillar’ as she was rushing down from work! ><

After waiting aimlessly for quite awhile, then I realized that our studio was ready for use like..long ago. Lol. wth right? Anyway, it was a really hot day and the bf and I were sweating as we mauled the apparels/accessories up to the studio from the car.

Because the bf manhandled the clothes, they were so badly wrinkled so I gave him the task of steaming the clothes, lol. Plus he had nothing to do!

Meanwhile, Jorina and Jany were starting to do their magic on Sharon – whom as requested came without makeup.

Following photos taken from Art of Beaute Facebook page:

The makeup looks pretty good huh?

Meanwhile, I was also busy testing out the camera.

Asked the bf to be my test model

And Crystal, who finally arrived late loaded with snacks, food and drinks. Thanks loads <3

Ehhh, then the camera started going haywire and I really had no idea how to adjust the settings. The photos then turned out like this:

Then I tried a different mode and it got worst. LOL

And Sharon was looking really pretty >< Unfortunately wasn’t able to capture it

After running to the studio owner, Anson for help to adjust my camera settings, suddenly the photos turned out okay!

Seizing this opportunity, I immediately snapped as a couple of shots as seen below (raw/unedited photos).

Was really happy with the shots!

Unfortunately, we had itchy fingers, so we switched off the camera to transfer the photos to the bf’s laptop to take a look at it full screen. Worst decision ever made. Lol because immediately after that, the shots turned into this:

And this!

Once again, desperate we had to call in Anson who obligingly helped us once again to set the camera and lights. The shots after that turned out decent, but just not as perfect as the first few and I honestly had no idea how to fix it. But these photos – I could work with as there’s always photoshop!

See BEFORE & AFTER version of this picture using Photoshop (with whatever skills I have, lol) right at the end of this post!

This made it till the 5th outfit and then..sigh 🙁

And this #)%*#$ happened

Okay then I gave up on the DSLR and snapped as many photos as I could with my digital camera as we only had less than 20 minutes of shooting time. But ah..the photos from the digicam turned out really bad.

See the huge difference?

Sigh..suffice to say, I was pretty disappointed by the photoshoot in general, but I’m taking it as a learning experience! Plus actually it was quite fun at some partsbut frustrating at times too because of the camera issues.

On the whole, I’m just really grateful to the following people who have assisted me in this first GlamPuss photoshoot. I promise I’ll improve the next round (which will be on 20th April) and learn how to use the DSLR properly! 🙁

Thank you list! 
Jorina and Jany from Art of Beaute – the makeup is great! Unfortunately due to the camera issues, I wasn’t able to showcase it too well!
My lovely model, Sharon – thanks for your patience and hard work!! can’t wait to work with you again!(:
Awesome bestie & style director (?), Crystal – hahah awesome. nuff said
The bf – COOLIE!
I appreciate it!(:

Me, Sharon & Jorina from Art of Beaute.

After our photoshoot, Crystal, Sharon & I(:

Before I end off, I just wanted to show you the ‘miracles’ of photoshop as mentioned. HAHA! Isn’t fantastic, but I like it 😀

Thanks for reading! Will be updating more behind the scenes of our GlamPuss photoshoots in the future. And meanwhile, I’m hoping that the upcoming photoshoot will be a more successful one! 🙂

Show some support? ;p

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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