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Early Morning Thunderstorm // 17th April 2013

Well, if you didn’t know, there was this insane thunderstorm this Wednesday morning, 17th April and it’s hard to tell looking at our hot and sunny weather now as seen depicted in this 9gag photo below:

Credits: 9Gag Singapore (please pardon the vulgarity)

Well, like many, I was rudely awoken by the blast of thunder, flashes of lightning and the eerie sound of the wind blowing. But in a way, it was good because I left my home earlier than usual so that I wouldn’t be late.

Or so I thought -_-

So I was at the bus stop waiting for either 7 (straight bus) or 70 (to nearest MRT) at 8.05am.

  • What bus? Only TWO buses passed by the bus stop – 70 and 197
  • But no matter what, let’s just say it’s impossible to board it -.-
  • SBS Iris app tells me that the next bus 70 would be arriving in 5 minutes. 5 minutes later, I checked the app again and it said 14 minutes and next bus in 38 minutes. The other bus was due to come in 20 minutes and 57 minutes..What the @*$&#*? Oh apparently I wasn’t the only person who had this issue as seen HERE
  • By then it was like 8.40am, when I just took my last hope, Bus 7 to work
  • Then I encountered traffic jam..EVERYWHERE!

Reached work close to 9.25am. -,-

Thought I had it bad, but apparently even SMRT was affected this morning too!

Rain worsens crowding on East-west line during rush hour

By Christopher Tan

The rain and the usual morning rush hour contributed to another crush on the East-west MRT line Wednesday. The crowding at the Jurong East interchange was so bad that platform marshalls stood by as helpless as commuters. The noise also drowned out station announcements, leading to some confusion among those waiting.

Bukit Gombak resident and equity broker Manoj Kumar, 42, said: “It’s so confusing and frustrating. The trains are coming, but at very long intervals.” He said he had to wait for some 15 minutes before getting onto a train, only to have it stop several times on the track. “From Jurong to Clementi, it stopped three times on the track,” Mr Kumar said. “I’m so late.”

And check out the number of accidents/vehicle breakdowns that happened this morning from 8-9am:

17/04 08:55 Accident on PIE (towards Jurong) before Clementi Ave 6. Avoid lane 3.

17/04 08:55 Vehicle breakdown on ECP (towards City) after East Coast Park Carpark H Exit.

17/04 08:54 Vehicle breakdown on PIE (towards Jurong) after Jalan Eunos.

17/04 08:53 Black Out at Upper Changi Road East Junction.

17/04 08:51 Heavy Traffic on PIE (towards Jurong) at Adam Rd Exit.

17/04 08:51 Vehicle breakdown on KPE (towards TPE) after Nicoll Highway Entrance.

17/04 08:49 Heavy Traffic on CTE (towards SLE) at Yio Chu Kang Rd Exit.

17/04 08:44 Accident on PIE (towards Jurong) before Jalan Eunos with congestion till Tampines. Avoid lane 1.

17/04 08:40 Vehicle breakdown on Pasir Ris Drive 12 near Pasir Ris Drive 12/Tampines Expressway Junction.

17/04 08:38 Flashing Yellow at Middle Road/Prinsep Street Junction.

17/04 08:38 Heavy Traffic on PIE (towards Jurong) between CTE(City) Exit and Stevens Rd Exit.

17/04 08:36 Obstacle on PIE (towards Changi Airport) at Paya Lebar Rd Exit.

17/04 08:35 Heavy Traffic on Bukit Timah Road (towards Woodlands) after Holland Link.

17/04 08:30 Heavy Traffic on TPE (towards PIE) at Upper Changi Rd North Exit.

17/04 08:29 Heavy Traffic on KPE (towards ECP) at ECP(City) Exit.

17/04 08:25 Heavy Traffic on PIE (towards Changi Airport) at Simei Ave Exit.

17/04 08:20 Heavy Traffic on SLE (towards CTE) between Lentor Ave Exit and TPE Exit.

17/04 08:18 Accident on PIE (towards Jurong) after Paya Lebar Rd with congestion till Tampines.

17/04 08:14 Heavy Traffic on PIE (towards Changi Airport) between Bukit Batok East Ave 3 and Adam Rd.

17/04 08:09 Heavy Traffic in Woodsville Tunnel (towards City).

Taken from EDMW Forums

Lastly, the storm was so crazy strong that trees were uprooted near my workplace and I spotted this metal awning in danger of falling off from the Peace Centre link bridge otw back to work.

*Current area cordoned off at the moment

Updated! Was reported on Straits Times & STOMP

Metal sheet exterior peels off overhead bridge near Peace Centre; Sophia Road closed

The metal sheeting of the overhead bridge linking Peace Centre and Wilkie Edge has come loose. This prompted the closure of Sophia Road. It is understood that the sheets became loose after the heavy storm on Tuesday night.

Credits: Straits Times

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