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[VIDEO] Car with unconscious driver rams into taxi and bus at Bugis

All my friends were sharing this video on Facebook and I was wondering what on earth happened!


Mercedes beats red light at Bugis Junction, crashes into three taxis during wild drive

The accident took place at Bugis Junction on Monday night.
Taxi driver Daryl Wee, 51, told The New Paper, that it was about 830pm when the Mercedes car pulled up alongside him on the “turning right” lane. However, instead of turning right, Wee said the car beat the red light and went straight ahead, narrowly missing three women crossing the road.

The black Mercedes would go on to hit three taxis, including Mr Wee’s, during a wild drive along Victoria Street. It eventually ended up crashing into a road divider along Bugis.

Eyewitnesses told the paper that the driver looked like he was in his 50s. When they carried him out of the car and laid him on the grass patch, he was bleeding from the mouth and mumbled in a language they did not understand. 

The Straits Times reported that the driver had fainted while he was at the wheel, causing the chain reaction of accidents. It’s believed he was not drink driving.

Article Credits: Yahoo Newsroom

Also spotted on STOMP:

Mercedes-Benz Car with unconscious driver rams into taxi and bus at Bugis

This happened near Bugis Junction and Bugis+. The driver inside the car was unconscious, and the vehicle ran into a taxi and kept moving.

As driver was unconscious, his leg may have stepped on the accelerator pedal. Road users nearby tried to open the car door to turn off the engine but the door was locked.

The passengers — a mother and her child — in the taxi then ran out. Just two to three seconds after the woman got out the taxi, the moving car managed to lose the taxi and went all the way down the road.

It first hit a bus on the middle lane before it got pushed back to the first lane and mounted a kerb and knocked into a barrier.

In response to a query from STOMP, the Police confirmed that a total of seven vehicles — one lorry, one bus, two cars and three taxis — were involved in the accident.

In a statement to STOMP, a spokesperson for the police said:”Police received a call on Apr 15 at about 8.26pm informing us of an accident at the junction of Victoria Street and Middle Road.”

Upon Police’s arrival, it was established that an accident involving two cars, three taxis, one lorry and one bus had occured at the said location.

“No injuries were reported. Police investigations are ongoing.”

Article Credits:STOMP Here

The question that remains – why was the driver unconscious? Some are saying that he was drunk while others say he fainted. Well, regardless, thank goodness that the woman and child was unharmed and there were no other injuries at the scene.

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