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Dove Real Beauty Sketches // A Social Experiment

Several of my friends were sharing this video on Facebook, and curious, I went to take a look as well. Basically..

Imagine if you were asked to explain your own beauty to someone.

Would you struggle?
Yeah. You and the other 3.5 billion women on the planet.

The reality is that most of us can’t see our own beauty like the people around us can. We’re constantly underestimating ourselves. In fact, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

This video will change the way that you think and feel about your own beauty….

An FBI-trained forensic artist, Gil Zamora, created sketches of seven women who were hidden behind a curtain; he used their self-descriptions as the basis of his drawings. Prior to the session with Zamora, each of the women were also asked to spend some time with a stranger – without being told why. Zamora then also drafted sketches from the stranger’s depictions of the women.

And the result? Well, we’ll let you see for yourself.

Taken from: Nigerian Wedding Facebook
Original Source: Dove Youtube

I have to say that I am always constantly amazed by the marketing team behind Dove, because they focus on not just the Dove products but instead, highlight real women, and basically real people. They are out to promote positive self-esteem and help women feel good about our unique inner and outer beauty and it can be really inspiring to watch the videos like the one above. Best of all, these are real emotions, a real experiment, no acting involved, and that’s what makes it really compelling.

I cried btw.

And the main/whole point of this video?
To tell you that YOU are more beautiful than you think!


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One Commnet on “Dove Real Beauty Sketches // A Social Experiment

  1. Uh huh. and what about the women that are out there that actually DO look like the sketch on the left? That means their hideous? You are entitled to your opinion, and you are truly a cutey-patutey and I love your blog, but I feel sad that you were drawn in by this marketing ploy. There is a lot of controversy over this campaign since it launched yesterday, and for good reason. If you snoop around for a bit, you will see what I mean. If these same exact women were asked to describe themselves anonymously in a written questionnaire, most certainly they would have rated themselves much higher. Most humans will downplay their looks when talking about themselves because if they didn’t, they would be a douche. If you asked someone to describe themselves (which who would in a normal situation), and they started bragging about how beautiful they thought they were, their eyes, the lips, etc, you would want to punch them right in their beautiful face! Anyway, good post, just sharing an alternate opinion.

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