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Singapore Renovation Scam Alert! // Beware!

I saw this being circulated around Facebook from Fabrications by Anntonii and EDMW recently taken from the original sharer: Suzannah Fazli.

Dear Friends & Family,

I am appealing to you to help spread this Renovation Scam issue. So far I have about 4 pax coming forward and in total we have 7 families coming forward to join our cause in exposing him. This is really true. This guy has cheated my friend 20 k and leaves their house in undesirable condition. In total this is the breakdown of the victims and the amount of money that he got scooted free just by cheating!

I am lucky that I found out about it and my house were saved but of course I lost some deposit which amounts to 5.4K and I am very lucky that I managed to sought alternatives thankfully to my family and husband support. But due to this guy a lot of last minute issues have to be resolved and we have not been resting well. But our efforts paid off.

And now we are determined to bring him to justice! To help other victims who are not so fortunate and have nightmares due to the financial loss, emotional stress and etc.

Alleged scammer (Kasman Bin Johan/Sam Heizy)

This is the breakdown of money he cheated from people hard earned money from my conversations with them.
1) Jan 2012 – 1.6 K ( Malay family – known from FB)
2) Feb 2012 – 20 K (Caucasian Family – known from FB)
3) Mar 2012 – 22K (Malay Family – known from BH article 30/03/12)
4) Nov 2012 – 5.4K
5) Jan 2013 – 20 K (A friend)
6) Feb 2013- 4.5K (Source from an FB victim)
7) Feb 2013 – 7 K (Source from a victim)
8) Feb 2013 – 5 k (related to No.7 victim)
9) Mar 2013 – 7 K ( we went over to his place as he brought my friend over to this house before)
10) Mar 2013 – 20K ( Son of No. 9 victim)
11) Mar 2013 – (neighbour of No. 9 victim)
12) Mar 2013 – ( No. 9 victim daughter in law parents)

Do your calculations! How much he got just by cheating people and we work very hard to save that amount of money and I don’t even think we be able to save if the above calculations total up. I and a friend were hoping this could be viral on the social media platform.

Cos he needs to be exposed and authorities needs to do something.

Question: Why don’t you go to the police?
Almost all victims have reported and the replies they got: This is a civil case…….Small Claims Tribunal & CASE? Till now what can be done if he refuses to come down which of course he may be cos he is obviously in the wrong! The intention to cheat is there but the intention to cheat IS NOT A CRIME.

But he has already cheated? So why is he still out there?
He knows the system of law and he knows how to go around it which is precisely he still could not be charged! And most of the victims said: I gone to report it but till now nothing??!! I and my friend have contacted a Berita Harian reporter and they have contacted us. We be meeting them soon together with some of the above victims to spread this story. Next we are going to NEW PAPER.

So what’s going to happen?
Basically we know that our money won’t be returned but the least we could do is spread, share, get it viral, let your friend know and of course we would hope our efforts will see him behind bars! Think about it if you or your loved ones will be affected by him?? Think about it! I sincerely hope there are victims out there who can come forward. And I sincerely hope you help to spread this!

Spread this message so it get known to Singaporeans! Anybody can be the next victim!

Original Source: Suzannah Fazli

Disclaimer: I don’t know how true it is, but regardless, I’m sharing this for awareness. And seriously? This guy has been able to go scot free since 2012 – where’s the justice in this?

Well, I hope that the truth will be revealed soon.

>> Click HERE to share the appeal on Facebook <<
>> Click HERE to share the appeal on Facebook <<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

Author: mitsueki

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19 Comments on “Singapore Renovation Scam Alert! // Beware!

  1. Salam, I am actually his latest victim. Was just wondering have you guys file a complain against him in court. And if u guys have what is the outcome as I am trying to do the same. Maybe u can give me a heads up.

    1. Hi Hilmi… Have you contacted Suzannah??? I have made a police report but was told by the police authorities that they are not able to do anything other than to ask Kasman to complete the job. I went to court, 3 times I waited for him in court but he did not turn up. Me and the other 13 victims will b going to berita harian to expose him.

    2. Hi Hilmi,

      Suzannah Fazli here….you may pm me at my FB. I will liaise with you. Apart from that, thanks to the owner of this blog for helping. We be updating you on the status….

  2. Yes… This is very true. I am one of his victim. He took my $$$ amounting up to S$10K and left my kitchen half done. I signed a Renovation contract with him on the 1st week of December 2012. Till today, my kitchen is not yet complete. The last time I heard from him was in February 2013. This bustard have cheated many other innocent families out there… Karma is on its way.

  3. Hi Hilmi,
    We did police report first who said it’s not under their duties, contacted lawyer who said that it would cost us too much to recover nothing or very little. We were recommended Small Claims Court but of course he would not show his face. Then back to Police who basically let us investigate ourselves and were really not helpful. Now take note that once you go to Small Claims Court you CAN’T then go to Court!…. According to the Police and Pasir Ris MP there is a loophole in our law, which makes one wonder why it’s not fixed!

  4. This kind of interior designers or renovation contractors deserved to be punished. They really create a bad name for the industry and affect those making a honest living in the industry. Really appreciate your post to name these dishonest people trying to check people out of their hard earn money!

  5. Hi Mitsueki, may I have your permission to repost this post on my blog? I will only use an excerpt of no more than two paragraphs plus the picture. I will also add a link directly to your site. Because my readers are mostly into renovation, I hope by reposting will prevent them from getting cheated. Thanks!

  6. Thanks urikotO for the list and thanks Vincent for helping t spread. do watch for the latest news on FB and also theonlinecitizen.

  7. Hi all,
    We’d like to do our bit and pitch in to help. We’ve recently started Oradan.com that helps customers find and connect with good businesses. We also want to expose the bad ones. I’ve created a profile for this business at biz.oradan.com/living-interior-xpression. Everyone who has been cheated, please visit and leave a review (including pictures if possible), and get your friends who have been cheated to do the same as well. Do note that receipt numbers are mandatory (this is in place to protect honest businesses from falsified reviews). We’ll help spread the word and make it viral, so that even if he manages to stay out of the law, the awareness will make sure he can’t operate anymore.
    Facebook shares are great but don’t last very long, reviews on our site are permanent.

    1. Hi kenneth. Suzannah Fazli here the poster of the FB. Can u contact me as we have a latest victim. We need some info.

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