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Groupon.sg Deal Nightmare Salon Story // Beware!

Spotted on my Facebook newsfeed from my friend who shared this story from Jackson Yap HERE:

VERY RUDE & Arrogant ATTITUDE & IRRESPONSIBLE SERVICE BY City Cut Hair Studio (Singapore)

Note: Written by  Jackson Yap

I’m seldom so enraged by bad service provider and can’t be bothered to waste my precious time on them. But I have to say this City Cut Hair Studio is the worst you can ever encounter. Objective of this is to cautious others regarding this poor service provider and hope to serve as a reminder to all service providers out there. I have nothing much to gain from this small salon and It is also not to gain any attention from their management because they are precisely the one giving us the problem.


  • Rebond at salon failed, burned and killed some parts of the hairs at the roots
  • Salon was not able to offer refund or any compensation for the damages done
  • No apologies from their bosses
  • Re-directed us to Groupon
  • Failed to take the blame, pushed all the blames to their employees
  • Loud and demeaning attitude when talking to us


My fiancee bought a Groupon for rebonding at City Cut Hair Studio and after calling them many times, she finally got to book an appointment with the salon on 8th Apr 2013 (Monday). After the rebond, she realised there are many parts of her hair (near the roots) that was dead and entangled. She managed to call back and was advise to wash and it should get better. However, her hair condition was still the same. So we went back on 11th Apr 2013 (Thursday) to the Ang Mo Kio outlet to have them take a look.

When we reached there, it was crowded and packed as usual and we waited 15 minutes for one of the lady boss to get to us as she was busy. She was nice enough to do a check and to explain on what caused the hair condition (which is due to them placing the rebonding zapper too near her hair’s roots).

We were fine and she tried to ask us to wait so she can try her best to rectify her hair. However, as the damages are already done and my fiancee has already lost confidence, we just wanted the most from them was maybe a refund or some compensation for the damages. None was given, and not only that, no apologies were given as well as they refused to take any blame.

One of the other female boss came in and started to talk to us in a loud and demeaning tone. She started pushing all the blames to Groupon, saying they draw a clear line with Groupon, they only advertise on Groupon and Groupon is the one who should be responsible for the services and any refunds. We are utterly disappointed. Aren’t they the service provider? But they said “we cannot do anything, we are just a service provider”.

Then, she advised us to lodge a tribunal claim on Groupon. She also mentioned her friend is the GM of Groupon, we were wondering was that the reason such a poor attitude and irresponsible salon was listed on Groupon?

On top of the tone, demeaning and insulting and arrogant words like these were also used:

“What do you want? You can complain all you want.” – In actual fact, we only ask for a good attitude and responsibility from them. Why will we waste so much time to go down to their salon just to get a mere $20+ refunds?

“What is your objective? You can complain all you want. You tell us the objective, If we cannot do it, please sue us!”

“You go complain about us, write in the website”

“What do you want? You want us to close down the shop is it?!”

“Is only $20.. not worth it, If want to do a claim, do a proper claim. I teach you what to do… I claim big claims la, over $2000 over”

Then, they “explained” to us “I’m so sorry, I can’t do anything”. But if we write in letter to them, they can hold responsibility by firing somebody. And said “I think that is a very good answer you know, what you want me to do? Close the whole shop”.

We just feel sad for the hair stylists working there too, because my fiancé overheard two of the China foreigners hair stylist were saying (while she was doing her hair) how their boss has packed so much customers due to their Groupon deal, and how they skipped meals the whole day and can only reach home about 1am. Really felt sorry for the bosses’ employees who worked so hard for them yet this is what the boss said about them.

In summary, what we see is just a cheap salon trying to earn as much money as they can. Providing of services is just to earn your money. What happen to your hair after that is not their problem (Is Groupon’s as what she have said). And also a very heartless and arrogant female boss.


Very Rude Service from City Cut Hair Studio (Singapore)

Original YouTube Link HERE

*(Please take note the deal was from Groupon but it was incorrectly said as Deal)

Full Credits: Jackson Yap Facebook / Jackson Yap Blog

After reading the story that Jackson shared about what him and his fiancee faced at City Cut Hair Studio – the bf and I were pretty horrified! Like..how can they push the entire responsibility to the Deal site, Groupon who technically is MERELY the go-between the customer and the service provider? Moreover, it is evident that the fault lies with the salon aka the service provider – refer to the line taken from above:

She was nice enough to do a check and to explain on what caused the hair condition (which is due to them placing the rebonding zapper too near her hair’s roots).

Even if the salon don’t take the responsibility or offer some form of compensation, then they should at least own up to the mistake and apologize instead of being so rude don’t you think? Also, although it can be said that..the couple may just be small time Groupon customers who paid only like $28 instead of the usual price of $138 for the rebonding, but they are still essentially.. customers. 

On the whole, I always knew that it’s always pretty risky to buy from Deal sites such as deal.com.sg, Groupon – to name a few, so that’s why I stick to only purchasing stuff such as food and shopping vouchers, gelish manicures (lol, cheapskate me) and household products. And so far, I’ve never had any issues with the above. Yet. 

But well, after this horror story – I can safely say that I would not dare to purchase any hair salon deals, much less at City Cut Hair Salon! ;/

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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2 Comments on “Groupon.sg Deal Nightmare Salon Story // Beware!

  1. Hi Jackson, would like to clarify something, first of all the woman that you spoke to is only a customer in the salon and according to the video, the salon actually did offer to help you to check your hair, but according to you is that you insisted on a compensation, normally a little burn on the hair is quite common and after a few treatment it will go back to normal, but as a customer you must also understand the term and conditions of every purchase that you bought. For example, you buy a bag that cost you $25 but the bag has some defect and you goes back to the merchant to ask for compensation and insist on a $1000 or more worth of bag, so if you are a merchant what you will do? Compensate a higher price back? Let’s be fair if you want a prada bag then you have to pay for the price.

  2. agree, the service is not good! their “rebond” is different from the usual rebond sessions I had here in Singapore. nothing’s changed in my hair, I just waisted my money and time.

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