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PSY: Gentleman // New SONG/MV Release!

Updated: 13/4/13


I wasn’t really impressed since the dance is SO Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra – hence it’s no surprise why Ga-In from BEG was in Psy’s Gentleman video;/ I was just expecting something more original, but well, it’s great that BEG is gaining popularity because of this and Abracadabra is one of my favourite songs!(:

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ (Dance Version)


From the artist that brought you the worldwide hit: Gangnam Style..

Psy now presents: Gentleman!

Listen to the Full Song HERE:


On YouTube

My thoughts?
At the start of the song, I already found my feet tapping to the beat. It has an awesome beat and it’s quite catchy! Been playing it while doing work at the office. Hehe. And I think it has the potential to be one of the hottest clubbing songs. Other than that, the song reminds me his other hit song, Gangnam Style, and also…for some reason, a particular portion of 2NE1’s I’m The Best (내가제일잘나가) as seen here:

Bam Ratatata TatatatataBam Ratatata TatatatataBam Ratatata Tatatatata

Apparently there are others who agree!
Check out Youtube user bodyrock92’s mashup of Psy Gentleman & 2NE1 I’m the Best:

Also, everyone’s just talking about the particular song lyric:

I’m a mother father gentleman!

Also, I think this song has the potential to be the next hit – and of course, some may agree, some may disagree. But most importantly, I’m just looking forward to checking out the dance moves. Will it be as epic as the horse dance from Gangnam Style?

Well, also if you’re looking for Psy’s Gentleman Music Video, you have to wait a little longer as it’s not released yet! Well, tomorrow, 13 April 2013, more than 50,000 fans are expected to pack Seoul’s World Cub Stadium on Saturday to see “Gentleman,” in a comeback performance that will also be streamed live on YouTube. So, I guess that’s where you will be able to have the first look of the new dance!

Oh and some additional notes – According to CNN, the music video was produced by the same team behind “Gangnam Style,” and will feature K-Pop girl group member Ga-In of Brown-eyed Girls.

Sneak Preview of the dance move for Psy’s Gentleman from the Official Twitter account

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