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Mindef suspends Navy serviceman over hit-and-run that left cyclist in ICU

Spotted on STOMP:

The Navy serviceman who allegedly hit a cyclist along Mandai Road on Tuesday, leaving her with spinal injuries and a blood clot in her brain, has been suspended by Mindef.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the 38-year-old serviceman’s suspension from duty last night (Apr 12), after witness Esther Lim, 24, reported the incident to STOMP.

The cyclist, Madam Rosna Rauaee, was described as drifting in and out of consciousness at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, when the serviceman visited her there.

Madam Rosna is a clinic assistant in her 40s and is married with two daughters. She had been cycling along the popular cycling route with a group of friends when she was hit by the serviceman’s black Honda Accord.

Esther said she heard a loud bang and then saw Madam Rosna and her bicycle in the air. She says the serviceman did not stop to assist after, but drove on afterwards.

She then gave chase and confronted the driver about the incident, whom she says denied hitting Madam Rosna. The serviceman is currently assisting police with investigations.

Article Credits: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/1695424/mindef_suspends_navy_serviceman.html

Based on the witness statement from Esther, it seems that the accident has really been caused by the Navy serviceman. Plus the thing that makes him look even worst is this he didn’t stop his car to help out despite the accident and just drove off. If Esther didn’t chase him down to confront him, he might have gotten away.

Anyway, regardless of who is in the wrong, I really feel quite sorry for the victimspinal injuries and a blood clot are serious injuries and may cripple her for life in the worst case scenario. So my prayers go out to Madam Rosna Rauaee.

May she pull through and stay strong!

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