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Snappyfit: Where’s the Secret Party? // Event Invite

If you love online shopping like me, then you should know that one of the major issues we face is whether we are able to fit the clothes that we have bought!

For example, I’m sure that many times, you are lured into buy clothes from the blogshops/online shops just because it looks super freaking awesome on the model but when it actually arrives and you try it realize that it makes you look frumpy or it’s shorter/thinner than you expected and etcetc!

That’s the risk we are always taking when buying online especially when your body shape is nothing like the model’s! E.g mine – I’m pear shaped with loads of additional luggage! HAHAHAHA

Frustrating isn’t it?

If you face this problem, then I would like to introduce this very interesting concept brought to you SnappyFit!(:

SnappyFit is a first-of-its-kind online shopping concierge service in Singapore!
We work with online retailers to help enable you to TRY before you buy clothes online!

  1. Browse clothes online from any of our participating retailers. Choose all the clothes – in all the different sizes and colours you want!
  2. Book your appointment.
  3. Go to SnappyFit’s fitting room at Singapore Shopping Centre for your appointment. Try on your personalized clothes rack!

Participating Retailers Include:






Other info: 

1. There are ZERO samples in the shop if you do not book an appointment. We bring them in specially for you to try on – concierge-style !

2. The items are samples only. The brand-new piece will be conveniently sent to you via post after your appointment date – enjoy full freedom to go about the rest of your day!

3. Pay for only what you want at the shop! Cash, credit card or Nets is available. Pay exactly the same as purchasing from the online shop (item + retailer’s shipping fees — no extra charge).

4. Alteration outsourcing available! We will help you get your alteration done and mail it to you later ($1.50 per piece, $0.50 each additional piece – depending on weight).

5. Minimum booking time: Minimum one day in advance (before midnight)

Sample Products from SnappyFit’s retailers:

Rayna Midi in Mint from Lilies of e field (LOEF) // S$32.00
Sophie-Red -from Rolledit // S$36.90
Foliate dress from Wil.LiaM // S$109.00
Sweet Pea from Elska Singapore // S$42.90

Yes you can try them all on BEFORE deciding whether to buy them or not! And yes, for FREE!

Sounds and looks interesting right?

>> Click HERE to check out SnappyFit’s website <<
>> Click HERE to check out SnappyFit’s website <<

So anyway, I was invited to SnappyFit: Where’s the Secret Party on the 10th of April and as usual, I brought my usual kaki aka permanent plus one, Crystal to check it out(:

And just to sidetrack for awhile now:

I just wanted to share what I had lunch today..which is THIS:

Looks damn sad right? Yah, I‘m still quite sad. LOL and this is NOT because I’m on a diet – I’m NOT! I actually ordered meat too, pointed at it like a few times, but the Auntie apparently didn’t notice. So I happily just paid S$1.30 for this…while thinking that wa, today’s food is so cheap and happily carried it back to the office. Upon opening it..well, that’s why it was S$1.30. Lol.

Okay moving on, Crystal and I decided to have dinner first before heading for the event! Was rotting away at Burger King @Plaza Singapura while waiting for her to knock off work from Tanah Merah to head over to the event.

I treated myself to ice cream at Burger King while waiting for her – and to make up for today’s sad sad lunch. Happy that the server gave me this huge serving  for only 70c! Totally worth it! 

Meanwhile, she was choose where to eat leh!

Told her to debate between the Korean food restaurant, Hot Tomato and Carl’s Junior, and finally, she picked Hot TomatoMeanwhile, if you would like to read my previous review on Hot Tomato, you can check it out here:

>> Hot Tomato Review (313 Somerset) <<

If not, you can just continue reading! HAHA! Anyway, here’s what we had. Too lazy for detailed explanations or descriptions so I’ll just post the pictures. 

1. Mushroom Soup

2. Caesar Salad (Shared)

3. Norwegian Salmon with Salsa

4. Grilled Chicken Chop

Left our dining place with our bellies full and contented. Paid about $19 each for the mealan indulgence once in a while is okay ~_~

And now, back to the event! So after this yummy dinner, we headed to SnappyFit’s fitting room at Singapore Shopping Centre #03-16, Dhoby Ghaut! Wasn’t really sure what to expect really.

Our first impressionwa so small! is this where the party will be held?

But apparently not!

Instead, this is where we have to sign in to get the real location of the SnappyFit’s Secret Party and the password to enter!

Oh and to collect the goodie bag too!(:

SnappyFit’s fitting room 
Singapore Shopping Centre #03-16

So where’s the REAL SnappyFit party held?






Really cool idea right? Well, next we headed to My Art Space at Istana Park where the SnappyFit’s Secret Party is held and that took about less than 5 minutes from where we were?

Oh I think I forgot to mention..according to the invitation, this event basically features a one-night only pop-up store of 10 ladies’ fashion brands mostly found exclusively online with complimentary wine, light finger food and lucky draw prizes.

Let’s take a look then:

Oh and I just would like to highlight a particular shop thereMy Closet World as the clothes appealed to me the most. Take a look at some of the new and unlaunched designs available!

I really really love the clothes (and dresses) there! Especially this sunny bright yellow dress – totally PERFECT for summer! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Moreover, I had an enjoyable long chat with the owner discussing and sharing about loads of things as two blogshop / online shop owners and full time working adults!(:

We left shortly after that as I was pretty tired out already, but overall, I feel that this event was a great idea to showcase the available physical designs and participating stores partnered with SnappyFit!

Plus the secret party idea is really interesting – Crystal likes it alot!

To keep updated with more of such events:
>> Click HERE to LIKE SnappyFit on Facebook! <<

Last but not least, if you were curious about what’s in the goodie bag given to us – well, let me satisfy your curiosity!

Here..I meet Booxify again!

>> Click HERE to read my previous review of Booxify! <<
>> Click HERE to read my previous review of Booxify! <<

Crystal’s and my favourite vouchers of them all. Hehehe!~

And well, that’s it for the blog post!

Here, I would like to give my thanks to Sin Ning from SnappyFit for inviting me to the SnappyFit: Where’s the Secret Party! Thank you very much!(:

Lastly, in turn I hope that you’ve found SnappyFit’s concept to be interesting and useful for you, so head to their website to check out their available items to try out today! It’s free anyway – and you only pay IF you like it!(:

>> Click HERE to check out SnappyFit’s website <<
>> Click HERE to check out SnappyFit’s website <<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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