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APPEAL for Donations for Faith Naval: P4 Girl Knocked Down by Electric Bike

Do you remember Faith Navalthe P4 girl paralyzed on one side of body after electric bike knocked her down?

Apparently now, there’s a new update:

**[DIRECT Contribution to FAITH]**
1. Write a cheque attention to “Marilou Cenaro Naval”
2. Bank transfer to DBS Saving 0197053288

The above name and bank account belong to Faith’s mother. Project Awareness and Walking with FAITH finally manage to convince the family to accept the public support, so now it is time for everybody to lend your helping hand to this little girl. 

Regardless any amount, please help to contribute to FAITH’s medical funds. Thank you so much!

Credits: Project Awareness – Share & Walk with me

Read Faith Naval’s Story:

Faith is a bubbly 9 year old girl who loves music and singing. She was fun-loving and often enjoy going out with her friends and family. However one day, everything came to a sudden halt.

Faith Naval (Before Accident)

On her way home from school, Faith met with an accident. A speeding motorbicycle (electric bike?) caught her and her feet was caught between the wheels and she was dragged on her back for more than 4 lamp post distance before it stopped. By then she was already bleeding profusely from her head and other parts of her body. The rider then went in panic and carried Faith in his arms and ran 5 blocks distance before getting help, not knowing that by doing so would aggravate Faith’s injuries. By then, she had already lost conscious.

Faith was rushed to KK Hospital where doctors performed an emergency surgery on her in their attempts to save her. Through the whole ordeal, Faith’s family were told by doctors to be mentally prepared to lose her any time as her injuries were very serious.

Faith survived the surgery but went into coma. Doctors said she may or may not wake up and even if she does, she may lose her memory or become mentally disabled. Her head was severely damaged, her thighs had a more than 30cm in length of wounds due to the tyres or the bike, her foot needs to be hold together by screws and bolts. Not only so, Faith had also lost the ability to move on the right side of her body (half body paralysed) and also her ability of speech.

After a torturing 17 days, Faith finally opened her eyes. She survived the entire ordeal. Doctors said she was a miracle child. Not only so, thankfully she has retained her memory of her life.

However, doctors told her family that Faith needs a long long time (years) before she can recover. They said though she may recover, but her recovery rate and rate of success of full recovery cannot be predicted. Despite doctors’ advice that Faith needs to remain in the hospital to receive optimal treatments, Faith’s dad, Francis, wanted to discharge her as he could not cope with the medical expenses (it has reached six digits as of now). When we visited him, Francis told us about the difficulties he faced when taking care of Faith. He has to struggle between work and taking care of Faith while his wife is now full-time into taking care of Faith. His 3 other daughters are still at a young tender age and needs support from him as well.

While speaking to us, Francis broke down and he admitted that he was really lost as he does not know what to do now. He says he can’t tell Faith that he can’t afford medical expenses for her as he did not want her to lose confident in recovery, but he cannot take the pressure of coping with the financial burdens of the bills. On top of that, Faith needs many years of Rehabilitation before she can walk and speak normally again. Taking care of Faith also requires many equipment and other necessities like physiogels, wheelchair, diapers etc. All these cost a lot of money.

Coming together, Renee Leong, founder of Walking with FAITH, as well as Project Awareness has decided to hold an encouragement concert for Faith. This is because Faith loves music and singing and we all hope to be able to bring joy and encouragement to her and her family through is channel. On top of that, we hope to also to be able to help bear some of the burdens that Faith’s dad is facing now. We will be contributing 100% of the ticket sales of the concert to Faith’s recovery.

Though it may not be enough, but it is a small thought from each of us. We hope you all can come together with us, join us at the concert and give Faith and her family some love and encouragement. Don’t let them lose hope. We sincerely thank each and everyone of you.

To book the concert tickets ($88 / $128) to “Walking with FAITH, come and share your love”, do call us at 98770340 or email us at projectawarenesssg@gmail.com

Concert Venue: SCAPE Auditorium
Concert Date: 26 April 2013 (Friday)
Concert Time: 7pm to 10pm

Concert Details: http://tinyurl.com/crou7yz

Please share this message around and join us in the encouragement concert for Faith! Thank you so much!

Article Credits: Project Awareness – Share & Walk with me
Photo Credits: Walking with Faith Facebook

It wasn’t her fault that this accident happened, and mind you – she’s just an innocent primary 4 child whose life changed drastically due to this fateful accident. Worst still, if you read the STOMP report – the rider who knocked her down didn’t even apologize to her for his actions and..her family never pursued the matter with him either.

So just imagine at this moment – half of Faith’s body remains immobile and she communicates through simple hand movements like raising her hand to say ‘yes’ and clenching her fist to say ‘no’. She will need a long long time before she can recover and this needs some financial support because as you read in the above report, her father cannot foot the 6 digit hospital bill alone much less the rest of the medical bills, therapies and essentials that Faith will need to rely on till she recovers in the future.

So they will need donations from kind hearted Singaporeans to pay for Faith Naval’s hospital bills and therapies so that she will be able to receive the best medical care and assistance possible. If not, her father has no choice but to move her home.

And for some reason, at this moment, there’s just not much awareness about Faith Naval’s case. Hence, I would like to invite you to share and spread the awareness and message around that Faith Naval and her family needs this monetary support.

**[DIRECT Contribution to FAITH]**
1. Write a cheque attention to “Marilou Cenaro Naval”
2. Bank transfer to DBS Saving 0197053288

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