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S’pore newly-weds killed in Malaysia highway crash

Spotted on STOMP this morning:

S’pore newly-weds killed in Malaysia highway crash 

A pair of newly-weds from Singapore were killed in an accident on Malaysia’s North-South highway that involved the car they were in, a lorry and a bus.

According to a report on The Star, Singaporean Rita Marie Gilrelt, 42, was travelling to Malacca at the back of a car with fiancé Kumar Arunasalam, 34, to prepare for their wedding reception on May 23 when their vehicle collided with a lorry on the highway.

After the collision, the car was then hit in the rear by an oncoming bus.

The couple, who worked at a hotel and registered their marriage just two weeks ago, were pronounced dead at the scene. The crash also claimed the life of Carrieanne Franncisca D’Costa, 22, who was a friend of the couple and who was seated at the back as well.

One of the survivors being helped out

The driver of the car, Pang Yun, 59, was reportedly in a critical condition while Ms D’Costa’s boyfriend, Brian Jeremiah Sta Mariah, 21, who was seated at the front of the vehicle, suffered light injuries.

Article Credits:STOMP

It’s really a tragic ending to what was supposed to be one of their happiest days in the newlywed lives as they were traveling to prepare for their wedding reception. Life is indeed unpredictable don’t you think?

Though I’m not sure of the real event that transpired during this accidente.g whose in the wrong, etc, but let’s leave all that aside for now and hope that the surviving victim Pang Yun who is in critical condition will recover and that the other survivor, Brian Jeremiah Sta Mariah will not be too scarred over the loss of Carrieanne Franncisca D’Costa. Stay strong..

Lastly, my deepest condolences to the families of:
Rita Marie Gilrelt, Kumar Arunasalam and Carrieanne Franncisca D’Costa

God bless and RIP

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Thank u Mitsueki. These people are from my settlement n carrieanne is considered a cousin of mine. It is glad to know that Brian is recovering although they havent broke the news of carrieanne’s passing away. Anyways, thank u for ur wishes. 🙂

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