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Predicted Dengue Fever Epidermic Singapore // Please Take Care!

Updated: 20 May 13

Almost 100 dengue cases in Joo Chiat neighbourhood raise alarm among its residents
By: Linette Heng


There are about 20 houses along Everitt Road North and 16 dengue fever cases. Dengue is everywhere in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood, and the residents know it. Mainly made up of landed housing, it contains the largest cluster of cases after Tampines, and this is making its residents worried.

Credits:The NEw Paper


I’m sure you’ve been hearing loads of reports about dengue fever recently, but I didn’t realize that the dengue fever cases were that serious of a concern until I read this from the Straits Times today:

Singapore is heading for its worst dengue fever epidemic. It is unusual for dengue numbers to be so high so early in the year. About 300 people have been infected each week since the epidemic started in January. Unless transmission of the virus is halted, the number of infections could more than double by the middle of the year
– Associate Professor Leo Yee Sin, one of the foremost dengue experts in Singapore

Also, spotted from The Straits Times:

Apparently most of the dengue fever infections have occurred in the East side as you can see, mainly around the Tampines area and that’s quite worrisome as the bf stays around the Tampines area where many of the cases have happened.  For myself, ehh..I’m also staying around one of the top 10 active cluster areas as well.

And that’s not really good news as well because, well, I caught dengue fever before when I was younger like about 10?

So yeah, I remember dengue fever caused me to have a high fever and awful muscle aches for almost 1 week where I just drifted in and out of consciousness (dreaming of Mario, wth?) and then hospitalized for a week after as white spots/rashes appeared on my legs. My mom was so worried about me at that time, and well, thank goodness I’m alright!

I also heard that the more times a person contacts dengue fever, the higher the risk of dying. So..I’m gonna hope that I don’t get infected once again! 🙁

Anyway, so let’s try to prevent the Aedes mosquitoes from breeding so that dengue fever can be prevented!

Take care!

Till later,
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  1. In our area, there are news that buzzing around that 5 persons were infected by these epidemic. Well maybe through your steps on how to prevent dengue our community will soon be free to these threatening disease. Thanks a lot!

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