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G.I. Joe (Yeo) – The Dog With the Chopped Off Leg // Please help find the abuser!

Updated: 7/4/13

I sent this story to STOMP last night and it was published – titled:

Dog’s leg suspected to have been chopped off by Changi Village animal abuser

I hope that in this way, it will be able to raise more awareness about this cruel case.

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>> Click HERE to share it on Facebook <<


Spotted on Mutts & Mittens Community Facebook Page:

Late last night, our colleague was informed of a dog with “a chopped off leg” at Changi Village. Suspected to be one of a few slashing incidents (cats) by an animal abuser at that area.

She rushed down and saw this old Mini Bull Terrier standing by a van. With the help of some stray feeders, the hungry and thirsty boy was caught and taken to Mutts & Mittens for the night.

This morning, Dr Dennis Choi examined him and estimated the wound to be at least 1 week old. Maggots have invaded the leg and his right ear. Poor fellow was trying to scratch his maggot-infested ear with his painful stump. Blood tests were done and he is not fit for surgery. So he will stay at the hospital till he is ready for amputation.

Old boy is estimated to be 11 years old. No microchip. If you know him, pls contact jaclyn@muttsnmittens.com or call 65837371.

Thank you Yeo Katherine for saving this fellow. Naming him G.I. Joe is to honour his brave heart. Naming him G.I. Yeo is to honour your big heart. And inject some light-heartedness into an otherwise dreary situation.

Pls share. We need to know his story.

Credits: Mutts & Mittens Community Facebook Page

Tears came to my eyes upon seeing this ghastly sight – how can ANYONE have the heart to do this?! Chopping off a dog’s leg is so CRUEL. I DO NOT CONDONE this action done by this unknown abuser, who apparently is also a suspect in the slashing of cats around the same area at Changi Village. HE/SHE IS  UTTERLY INHUMANE  to make this poor dog suffer! Thank goodness he is now in the safe hands of Katherine Yeo and I’m glad.

Meanwhile, please SHARE this post on Facebook to raise awareness about this case – let everyone know about this story and may the person be caught soon.

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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