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What is Gwiyomi / Kiyomi? // Explanation & Videos

So first it was Gangnam Style, then it was Harlem Shake. And now..Gwiyomi / Kiyomi!

Well, my friends were posting about Gwiyomi / Kiyomi everywhere on Facebook recently and I was ehh..what’s that?

“Gwiyomi” translated into English means someone who is cute hence the new dance craze literally means “cute player”.
– Taken from HERE

So obviously some other research and tadaa..(totally taken from Wikipedia HERE):

Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미송) is the lead single from 귀요미송 (Re Title), a digital single by a South Korean indie singer Hari which describes the love of a girl and a boy.

[Eng Sub] 귀요미송 Kiyomi Song (Cutie Song) by 하리 Hari (Full Song)

It was started by Korean Idol Jung Ilhoon of BToB on BToB MTV DiaryMany who created a series of hand movements accompanying the song “Kiyomi Song”.

Original Gwiyomi / Kwiyomi (Aegyo Boy Cutie Player) 

Various K-pop artiste who appeared on Korean entertainment programs has attempted to act cute and use this song and movements as they fight with Aegyo Battle (battle of cuteness).

The basic gist of Gwiyomi / Kiyomi aka 1+1=Gwiyomi aka One plus One is Gwiyomi (일 더하기 일은 귀요미) is as be seen here portrayed by Sooyoung:

So yeah, generally Gwiyomi / Kiyomi Player (can be males or females) will upload about a 50+ second video doing the above cutesy actions.

Here’s a pictorial tutorial to help you out:

1 + 1: 일 더하기 일은 귀요미 [il deohagi ireun gwiyomi]

2 + 2: 이 더하기 이 귀요미 [i deohagi ineun gwiyomi]

3 + 3: 삼 더하기 삼 귀요미 [sam deohagi sameun gwiyomi]

4 + 4: 사 더하기 사 귀요미 [sa deohagi saneun gwiyomi]

5 + 5: 오 더하기 오 귀요미 [o deohagi oneun gwiyomi]

6 + 6: 육 더하기 육 귀요미 [yuk deohagi yugeun gwiyomi]

*Any bold faced character can be replaced by ‘도’ [do]

And there’s even a Whatsapp version!

Here are some popular videos of Gwiyomi / Kiyomi players (both Korean stars & user uploaded Youtube videos):

Combiled Kpop Best Gwiyomi 

Compiled Top Youtube Uploaded Cutest Gwiyomi / Kiyomi players

Oh even G-Dragon is doing it:

Well, if you really want to learn this and you just can’t catch the steps, you can watch this step by step video tutorial to be a Gwiyomi / Kiyomi Player.


Well, I guess it’s really cute and everything, and yes, it did make me want to try to do a video too but decided against it. HAHAHA, but here’s a random photo of the bf and I trying out some moves!


Personally though, in my opinion – what’s more catchy is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Ninjya Re Bang Bang (Ninjaribanban)!(:

Yours may differ of course ;p

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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18 Comments on “What is Gwiyomi / Kiyomi? // Explanation & Videos

  1. Thank you for the information you deliver. This song is really cool! After the Gangnam style, that is something even better from South Korea, according to me! Once again thank you for sharing! My daughter is getting fond of it! We ‘ll spread the word across France now!

  2. This is absolutely creepy, disturbing – and above all – annoying! I will never pollute my blog with this stuff. UGH! But I DO appreciate the extensive information here, explaining it.

    I’m SO glad I’m dating a Korean girl who loaths and cringes at this the same as I do!!!!

  3. Thank you for pulling all this information together. I came across a Kiyomi youtube video, and had no idea what was going on. This makes a lot more sense, and is actually sort of neat! 😀

  4. LOVE the one from International We Got Married with Mina. When she did it with Hongki – it was cute, but when she did it AFTER Il Hoon (Yes the originator!) at her wedding reception, she put her thumbkiss on Hongki’s cheek! I died! (Not literally, but the cuteness was maxed!)

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